BREAKING: Patrick Mahomes Sr. Facing 10 Years In Prison, Heartbroken Son Confirmed The Cause

BREAKING: Patrick Mahomes Sr. Facing 10 Years In Prison


Patrick Mahomes Sr. on field

Patrick Mahomes Sr. (Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)
Patrick Mahomes Sr., who is the father of star Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, is facing some serious charges.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. was charged with a felony count of driving while intoxicated for a third time or more this week, according to TMZ Sports.

He faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000 if convicted.

Mahomes Sr. was originally arrested before the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. It happened on February 3rd in Texas after he reportedly showed signs of impairment during a routine traffic stop. TMZ stated at the time that he had admitted to drinking multiple beers before driving and had an open alcoholic beverage in the car.

His arrest came before his son would lead the Kansas City Chiefs to a Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers. The quarterback’s father still traveled to Las Vegas for the game but kept a low profile to not take the moment away from him.

Patrick Mahomes của Đội trưởng Thành phố Kansas ăn mừng cùng cha sau chiến thắng


The younger Mahomes declined to discuss the arrest with reporters in Las Vegas in the days leading up to his second consecutive Super Bowl victory.

‘It’s a family matter, so I’ll keep it to the family,’ Mahomes told reporters on Super Bowl opening night. ‘That’s all I have to say.’

Patrick Mahomes Sr. after being arrested on February 3
Patrick Mahomes Sr. and Jr. in the 1990s

Patrick Mahomes Sr. is seen in a mugshot (left) and with his son during his days with the Twins

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with his father after a win

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with his father after a win


Spokespeople for the Smith County District Attorney’s office declined to speak with because the case is pending.

An attorney representing Mahomes did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

Mahomes Sr. was found with an open can of beer in his car after being pulled over, according to police. He was then taken into custody after allegedly struggling several sobriety tests.

‘Based on the totality of the circumstances, I believed Patrick was impaired to a perceptible degree while operating a motor vehicle in a public place,’ the arresting officer wrote.

Mahomes Sr. was stopped because he was driving slower than the other cars around him in a vehicle with an expired registration, police claim.

A divorced father of four, Mahomes Sr. posted a 5.34 ERA over 11 MLB seasons, during which time he was primarily used as a reliever.

Mahomes Jr. inherited his father’s passion for baseball. Not only was he a high school star in Texas, but the reigning Super Bowl MVP is also a minority owner of the Kansas City Royals.

Furthermore, Mahomes Sr.’s former Minnesota Twins teammate, retired reliever LaTroy Hawkins, is Mahomes Jr.’s godfather.

Patrick Mahomes was asked about his father at Super Bowl Opening Night and told reporters, “Yeah, he’s doing good. I haven’t—I don’t want to really get into it too much, but he’s doing good for whatever the situation is.

“It’s a family matter so I’ll just keep it to the family and that’s all I really have to say at this point.”

Mahomes Sr. has faced two prior DWI charges as he was charged with public intoxication in 2016 during a game between TCU and Texas Tech and then charged with a DWI offense in 2018.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Was An Athlete During His Younger Years

Mahomes Sr. was an athlete during his day as he was an MLB pitcher from 1992 to 2003. He played for the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, and the Pittsburg Pirates.

He would go on to earn a spot in the Sioux Falls Canaries Hall of Fame.

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