Breaking News: Don’t marry her, she is a drunker and she isn’t good for your reputation, such a bad egg ” ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole told Travis Kelce…

Breaking News:don’t marry her, she is a drunker and she isn’t good for your reputation, such a bad egg ” ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole told Travis Kelce…

Taylor Swift fans slam Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend, she responds to  'backlash' | Fox News

In the ever-watchful eye of the public, love stories unfold with both tenderness and scrutiny. The recent spotlight has fallen on Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ record-breaking tight end, and his former flame, Kayla Nicole. Their relationship, once filled with passion and shared moments, now faces the harsh glare of judgment.

The Kayla Nicole Chronicles:

Kayla Nicole, a model, internet personality, and sports journalist, entered Travis Kelce’s life in 2017. Their on-again, off-again romance spanned five years, capturing headlines and stirring curiosity. But as relationships often do, theirs took unexpected turns.

The Breakup and Unfollows:

Rumors swirled about their breakup, with whispers suggesting financial reasons. However, Kelce set the record straight during an interview on The Pivot Podcast in January 2023, dismissing the speculation. “Don’t buy into that s—,” he asserted. His words echoed across social media platforms, where fans dissected every syllable.

Nicole, resilient and determined, chose to move forward. She unfollowed friends Brittany and Patrick Mahomes on Instagram, signaling a fresh chapter in her life. The digital world watched closely, analyzing each click of the “unfollow” button.

Kayla Nicole’s Journey:

Before Kelce, Nicole had already carved her path. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Pepperdine University, she stepped into the world of sports reporting. Courtside at NBA games and on NFL sidelines, she made her mark. But Nicole’s talents extended beyond sports; she interviewed Hollywood stars like Will Ferrell and Sterling K. Brown.

Fashion and fitness also beckoned. As a fashion influencer and ambassador for brands like Revolve and Savage X Fenty, Nicole showcased her style. Her Instagram feed revealed glimpses of workouts, modeling, and a brand called “Strong Is Sexy.”

The Instagram Connection:

The origins of their connection remain shrouded in mystery. Nicole once revealed that it all began on Instagram. “He had been following me and insta-flirting for a few months,” she disclosed. The digital age had woven their paths together, leading to shared moments and whispered conversations.

Recently, an Instagram post by Brittany Matthews Mahomes sparked rumors of reconciliation. Could Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole have found their way back to each other? Fans speculated as they analyzed separate photos of the two at the same event. The narrative shifted once more, leaving us wondering if love’s compass had realigned.

As Travis Kelce now embraces a new chapter with singer Taylor Swift, Kayla Nicole’s presence lingers—a reminder that love stories are multifaceted. Reputation, emotions, and public perception intertwine, shaping the narratives we weave. Whether they remain ex-lovers or find a way back to each other, their journey continues—one headline at a time.


Taylor Swift released her sixth studio album Reputation today (Nov. 10) at the age, but listeners still seemed shocked at the number of references to alcohol on her new project. While it’s not a shocker that a woman her age would drink — or that alcohol would appear in any sort of pop release — the number of times it has popped up recently is definitely a bit of a shift for the singer.

Nine of the album’s fifteen tracks have references to the general topic of alcohol, and six of those point out specific drinks. Luckily, starting from the first track and heading through to the last, Swift wisely opted for liquor before beer, so she was in the clear for a stellar release.

On the lead track, “….Ready For It?” Swift sings, “Touch me and you’ll never be alone/ I-Island breeze and lights down low.” So, she could totally be on a tropical island feeling the breeze, or, she could be sipping on a great rum-based mix drink. (Or both.) On the next track, “End Game,” she sings, “Drinking on a beach, with you all over me,” so it’s possible that Swift is treating herself to an island breeze beverage while also feeling the island breeze in her hair.

Flash forward to “Delicate,” and Swift has found herself in a grungy bar letting someone make her a drink as she sings, “But you can make me a drink/ Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?” Later on, Swift has made her way from the east side back to Hollywood in “Gorgeous,” singing, “Whiskey on ice, Sunset and Vine/ You’ve ruined my life by not being mine.”

Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but Swift also opts for a whiskey based drink in the following track “Getaway Car.” She sings, “I knew it from the first Old Fashioned, we were cursed.”

The king of Swift’s heart has an arguably worse taste in alcohol, but that’s okay because she doesn’t seem to mind. In “King of My Heart,” Swift sings, “With all these nights we’re spending/ Up on the roof with a school girl crush/ Drinking beer out of plastic cups/ Say you fancy me, not fancy stuff/ Baby, all at once, this is enough.”

The singer opts for wine during a vivid moment in “Dress,” where she describes a clumsy romantic moment by singing, “I’m spilling wine in the bathtub/ You kiss my face and we’re both drunk.” In the 13th track on the album, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things,” Swift is celebrating with bubbly as she describes a raging party. “Jump into the pool from the balcony/ Everyone swimming in a champagne sea.”

On that same song, Swift claims to have been “Feeling so Gatsby for that whole year.” If so, that year of parties ends with her sweeping up all that glitter from the floor and “cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day” — in the last track on the album, appropriately titled “New Year’s Day.”

Nicole had been unnecessarily dragged into countless headlines and became the topic of multiple online discussions after Kelce began dating Taylor Swift.

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