A song by Miley Cyrus holds a record that even Taylor Swift cannot beat, just hearing the first melody makes everyone goosebumps


Forget Taylor Swift, it’s Miley Cyrus’ era. (Just kidding, its only a song, duh.)

One Miley Cyrus Song Holds a Record Even Taylor Swift Can't Beat

Miley Cyrus’ ‘Flowers’ has topped the Billboard Global 200 charts thrice non consecutively within half a year.

Flowers reigning supreme regime was observed to be the longest stretch between hits in the spotlight.

Taylor Swift’s single Cruel Summer bounded 16-9 on the Billboard Global 200’s list in the meanwhile.

The fight for bagging the topmost place among fans by producing better and more remarkable music than before is constant in the entertainment industry. Some of the top contenders who do not cease to amuse fans and ace the competition include the names of fan-favorite singers like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

(L-R) Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift (@mileycyrus | @taylorswift | IG)

(L-R) Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift (@mileycyrus | @taylorswift | IG)

But while Swift is one of the ultra fan-favorite, best, and most successful singers of all time (even a billionaire now, with her massively successful currently ongoing Eras Tour), she just might have been beaten by the Hannah Montana alum with a song that holds an incredibly admirable record, unbeaten by any other singer to date: Flowers.

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Miley Cyrus’ Flowers Tops The Charts, Sets A Commendable Record

Miley Cyrus' Flowers

Miley Cyrus’ Flowers


Having been released at the beginning of this year on January 12, Miley Cyrus’ Flowers soon debuted at the #1 position on the Billboard Global 200 charts within a mere one week of its release, only to hold the position for six consecutive weeks.

However, it was soon replaced by Karol G and Shakira‘s TQG as the new hit stole the crown to entertain fans for a whole week. Nonetheless, as soon as the week passed, Flowers reclaimed its position at the top for another whopping six weeks.

While that is an exceptional success in itself, considering how the Billboard Global 200 ranks the most listened to songs in the world based on their ‘streaming and sales activity culled from more than 200 territories around the world’, Cyrus’ reign was far from over.

After a 10-week absence during which it maintained its position as the #3 most-liked song by fans, Flowers once again jumped back to the top in July 2023. Furthermore, in the same tracking week, the song was also reported to have accumulated a commendable 49.7 million streams along with selling 9,000 copies, as reported by Billboard.

Furthermore, not only was this period of Flower reigning supreme observed to be the longest stretch between hits in the spotlight (excluding holiday hits), but it also made the incredible record of being a smash hit for more than half a year.

Although Miley Cyrus is used to topping charts, creating a record like this is nothing short of shocking surprising, and a big and widely notable feat for the pop star, and something that even mastermind singers like Taylor Swift can’t break!

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Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer Ranked Top 10 In The Meanwhile

Taylor Swift's Cruel Summer

Taylor Swift’s Cruel Summer

While Miley Cyrus’ Flowers made sure to top the charts and make a glorious comeback after its 10-week absence on the one hand, Taylor Swift‘s single Cruel Summer, on the other hand, bounded 16-9 on the Billboard Global 200’s list in the meanwhile.

Ranked among the top 10, the song was originally released in the billionaire singer’s 2019 superhit album Lover and is lately being promoted as her newest single. With this, Cruel Summer became Swift’s 15th Global 200 top 10, making it the most among women.

As for the streams and copies sold for this hit single of hers: Cruel Summer was noted to have 37.9 million streams, which was up by 23% during that time, and sold about 5,000 copies worldwide, which was another 20% up for Swift’s single at the time.

Regardless, notably, neither this song nor any of her previous superhit songs even ranked close to the record Miley Cyrus had set up with Flowers.

Note: These reported records and numbers have been taken from Billboard‘s July 2023 update.


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