Who are Gabbie Marshall’s parents, Ernest and Marne? What we know about the Iowa guard’s family

Gabbie Marshall leads the Iowa Hawkeyes’ defensive end and has played a crucial role in the team’s exploits since she joined in 2019. She averages 6.1 points and 1.0 rebounds per game.The sixth-year senior is currently enrolled in pre-med studies and intends to finish a degree in occupational therapy.

Gabbie Marshall’s biggest inspiration for her on-court excellence is her parents, Ernest and Marne Marshall, both former basketball players.

Who are Gabbie Marshall’s parents?

Ernest Marshall is reported to have played basketball at the Bellarmine University Knights in Louisville, Kentucky, where he also pursued his Bachelor of Arts in accounting and business administration.

Marne Marshall played just one season with Aquinas College, a private liberal arts school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. There is no further information about their playing careers.

Right now, Ernest serves as executive vice president and chief human resources officer for a global power management company, Eaton. His education includes a law degree and an MBA from Indiana University’s Bloomington School of Law.

Know more about Gabbie Marshall’s family

Gabbie Marshall has three siblings, Noah, Luke and Lily. The Cincinnati, Ohio, native, has called them her three biggest blessings in life and also said:

“It was always instilled in me since I was a little girl how important keeping your family close is in life. My dad always said “I always want my kiddos to be close no matter what”. So, this is an appreciation post for the best sibs in the biz. You all make me so happy & make it so easy to love you” (via Instagram)

Gabbie Marshall’s career in basketball began at Mount Notre Dame High School in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she won two state titles in 2017 and 2019, and was named all-state three times.

Speaking about her final year in school, the guard said:

“My mentality this year is to focus on my teammates. Just making the most of every opportunity that I get, all the memories that we’re making. I think it’s really bittersweet.”

“I think in my other years I’ve just focused on improving in basketball, which I’m still doing but at the same time, I know I’m nearing the end of my basketball career forever. I’m just trying to soak in all the memories off and on the court.”

Marshall is in a relationship with Spencer Touro, a personal trainer in West Branch, Iowa. The couple celebrated their one year anniversary in December 2023.


On Selection Sunday, the selection committee revealed that LSU earned a top seed in the Albany 2 region. Angel Reese was so excited upon hearing the announcement that LSU earned the No. 2 seed that she started clapping and smiling. 

That’s when Kim Mulkey had to break it to her that the team actually earned the No. 3. seed.

The Selection Sunday reactions have been dropping all over social media, and the LSU Lady Tigers reacting to their journey is making the rounds.

First, it was Hailey Van Lith trolling her former team for being in the same region as LSU and having to play Middle Tennessee.

Now, more footage of that moment is surfacing, and Angel Reese can be seen giddily telling Kim Mulkey and Van Lith that the Tigers were a No. 2 seed.

Kim Mulkey quickly clarifies that LSU actually has a No. 3 seed. In real time, Reese starts to understand the gravity of the situation, and her face awkwardly turns from happiness to sadness. (See the 34-second mark of the clip below.)
Video Player



Loved the reactions that @sayneykid captured at LSU Sunday

– @Reese10Angel had a funny moment when finding out LSU had the 3-seed instead of the 2

– Everyone laughing w/ HVL when Louisville to BR was revealed

– Angel Reese’s genuine joy for Albany, only 5 hrs from Baltimore pic.twitter.com/j4rNVsCugi

— Seth Lewis (@SethLewisInc) March 18, 2024


Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes have been spending some quality time in the Italian city of Naples. The Hawkeyes are in town for their foreign tour, which sees the Iowa women’s basketball team play three games against local clubs. 

On Sunday, Iowa played its first game against the Naples-based basketball team, The Slammers, winning the game 116-46. The Hawkeyes will now travel to Croatia for their next two games.

While Caitlin Clark and Co. await departure from Italy, the team decided to spend a few more days exploring the beautiful city of Naples.

Before their first game, Clark and her teammates shared pictures on their social media as they visited monuments and took an interest in the Italian tradition.

On Monday, Clark shared a post with teammates Kylie Feuerbach, Sydney Affolter, Jada Gyamfi and Taylor McCabe from Amalfi Coast in southern Italy.

Fans adored the 2023 AP Player of the Year and her Hawkeyes teammates, pouring wholesome comments on her Instagram post. She’s been updating her fans through her Instagram stories since the day the Hawkeyes left for their foreign tour.

One fan wrote:

“Go Hawkeyes, You girls are gorgeous”

Image via Instagram/@caitlinclark22

Image via Instagram/@caitlinclark22

Image via Instagram/@caitlinclark22

While Caitlin Clark and the team enjoy their time in Naples, their game plan and preparation for the next season are going as well. The Hawkeyes had a fantastic first game of their international tour as the players, under the watchful eyes of coach Lisa Bluder, got rid of some on-court rust.

While Caitlin Clark and the team enjoy their time in Naples, their game plan and preparation for the next season are going as well. The Hawkeyes had a fantastic first game of their international tour as the players, under the watchful eyes of coach Lisa Bluder, got rid of some on-court rust.

Caitlin Clark is back like she never left

South Carolina vs. Iowa

The first game against The Slammers was a one-sided competition. The Hawkeyes prevailed 116-46, winning by a 70-point margin.

Clark was the top scorer and finished with 17 points, five rebounds and seven assists while shooting 40% from beyond the arc and making 45% of her field goals. Apart from that, six other Hawkeyes finished the game with double digits.

Iowa will now look forward to playing the Croatian club KK Tresnjevka 2009 on Aug. 11.

The Hawkeyes, recovering from a championship game loss, will look to win it all the next season. The Angel Reese-led LSU Tigers got the best of Caitlin Clark and Iowa in April, but the Hawkeyes have a great chance of winning the national title next year.

Caitlin Clark has received a lot of praise from fans, critics, and coaches. Recently, Clark met Ole Miss head coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin in Italy, and the two admired each other’s personalities.

Being the projected number-one pick of the 2024 WNBA draft, Clark has maintained the top position against other competitors. As she enters her senior year, it will be interesting to see whether Clark performs like she always has and, better, lead her team to a national title.

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