What if Caitlin Clark vs Trae Young Battles for Three Points at Next Year’s All-Star Game?

Could Clark and Young face off at next year’s NBA All-Star Game?

One of the best events at this year’s NBA All-Star Game was the three-point contest between Steph Curry and Sabrina Ionescu. It was the first event of its kind between the best shooter in the NBA and the best shooter in the WNBA and it was a closely contested contest. There has been speculation over whether that kind of event would return in next year’s All-Star Game.

When interviewing with Taylor Rooks, Hawks star point guard Trae Young was asked if he would do a three-point contest vs Iowa Hawkeyes phenom Caitlin Clark next season and Young seemed like he would be all in for that kind of competition:

“Of course, of course I would. I have gotten to talk to her throughout her college years. We are the only two people to have led college in points and assists. That is a crazy stat. I would, I’d definitely practice a lot more than I have for these previous three-point competitions. Nah, I’d be ready for sure. I’d do it.”

Young participated in this year’s three-point contest, finishing in second place behind Bucks point guard Damian Lillard. It was Young’s third time participating in the three-point contest.

Clark has become possibly the most famous female basketball star in the sport. She set the NCAA record for points recently, scoring her 3, 668th point in a game vs Ohio State and she has also declared for the WNBA draft, where she is the overwhelming favorite to be the No. 1 pick. It would not be surprising to see her participate in a contest similar to Steph vs Sabrina in a future All-Star Game.

Young was also asked by Rooks about the trade rumors and if he believes he will be with the Hawks next season:

“Hopefully? Like when I was drafted here, I envisioned… I could have went to Kentucky, I could have went to Kansas, but I chose to be different and go to Oklahoma and try to win a championship. I wanted to go there and win in my hometown. Be different.

They’d never won a championship in Atlanta.

Me getting drafted there felt like a match made in heaven. Like this is something that I want to do. I can defeat the odds here too.

For me, my whole vision was to always be here- like my whole goal is to win here. Win championships, bring people here with me and build this, this championship here and this dynasty here. But who knows? Like its year six now and who knows? Like for me, I want that.”

Rooks then asked Young to clarify that these trade rumors are not coming from him and that he wants to be in Atlanta:

“Yeah, I mean yeah, you’ve heard it from the source, like I wanna win but that’s what you’ve heard too. Like I just wanna win. So that’s, that’s in Atlanta. That’s, that’s where I want to be, that’s where I envision myself being. But that’s, that’s it, that’s it.”

There has been speculation from rival executives and people outside of Atlanta, but remember, none of this trade talk is coming from Young or the Hawks.

We’ll see what transpires this summer.

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