West Virginia’s Mark Kellogg sent a direct warning to Caitlin Clark and that’s probably a terrible idea

West Virginia head coach Mark Kellogg is totally amped about playing Caitlin Clark and Iowa in the NCAA tournament. Still, his most recent trash talk shows he’s learned absolutely nothing from the people who have leveled words at Clark before.

We really shouldn’t have to repeat this, but Caitlin Clark is not new to this. SHE’S TRUE TO THIS. (She eats trash talk for breakfast!)

If you’re going to talk trash about someone, at least wait until the game is done and you’ve beaten them. Apparently, West Virginia Mountaineers head coach Mark Kellogg missed that memo.

After the initial matchups for the Albany 2 region were revealed on Sunday, Kellogg — who actually has to beat Princeton before his team plays Iowa — told several people that he wants to send Caitlin Clark home.


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