Watch! Viral Video: Angel Reese INTENTIONAL Foul After TAKING DOWN Frank, Kim Mulkey Yells FLOP

In the highly anticipated matchup between the LSU Tigers and the Missouri Tigers, fans were poised for an epic showdown as they were to see a nail-biting clash between Angel Reese and Hayley Frank.

However, the matchup reached a boiling point as the Tigers star Reese’s aggressive plays took center stage in the game.


Several moments unfolded between Reese and Frank where the Tigers’ forward was seen intentionally fouling her opponent, leaving fans in disbelief.

During the first quarter of the matchup, the scoreboard showcased the numbers – 15-20 – in favor of LSU.

With only 1 minute and 23 seconds, the ball was in the possession of the Missouri Tigers who successfully scored a basket.

However, as the Missouri players hustled back for defense, Hayley Frank collided with Reese and tumbled to the ground. Frank was subbed out so that the trainer could take a look at her cut chin.

While this foul was perceived as an unintentional foul, what happened next made it clear that Reese was targeting Frank.

After recovering from this foul, Frank came back into the game to help her team win this match.

However, during the third quarter of the game, when the LSU Tigers were leading with the score of 36-47, Mikaylah Williams of LSU took a shot and successfully made it, but another drama unfolded inside the paint.

As Reese and Frank were ready to secure the rebound in case the shot was missed, Angel Reese choked Frank to the ground which was termed as intentional after a review.

But, the head coach Kim Mulkey wasn’t happy with the referee’s decision and came to support her player.

After the foul was called, Mulkey shouted ‘Flop,’ suggesting that Frank was acting and there was no foul.


The twists and turns between the players in the match created a memorable game for the fans which will be talked about for years to come.

Notably, the LSU Tigers secured another victory as they ended the game with the final score of 92-72.

The Lady Tigers marked their fourteenth win of the ongoing 2023-24 NCAA season as they clinched another match against the Missouri Tigers.

So far the Tigers have played fifteen matches, other of which they have won fourteen, and lost one.

The only loss they have recorded so far was against Colorado in their season opener.

The Tigers are all set to play against the Ole Miss Rebels in their next match and fans will be keeping their eyes on this team to witness if they will be able to secure this year’s national champion title.

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