VIDEO: Late-game eruption: LSU coach Kim Mulkey gets angry and gets sent off the field, Angel Reese grabs her and screams, “Kramer come help me! She was calling for my son in the stands to come get me.”

The lopsided score didn’t matter to Kim Mulkey.

In LSU’s 81-36 win over Northwestern State on Sunday, Aneesah Morrow was whistled for an offensive foul and Mulkey was furious. A pair of technical fouls later and the coach was tossed.

But she didn’t go quietly. Video shows that Mulkey had to be held back as she jawed at referees, and the quote from her and Reese afterwards are actually kind of funny.

Whatever we know about Reese’s absence from the team before her recent return is in the past for now. Seems like she and Mulkey have each other’s backs at the moment.

Here’s video of Mulkey going off:

Here’s what Mulkey and Reese had to say:



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