Unexpected Big Twist Unfolds with LSU Tiger. $1.7 million NIL-valued Angel Reese subtly roasts Hailey Van Lith as LSU guard misses clear shot: “That was SportsCenter”

LSU stars, Hailey Van Lith and Angel Reese LSU stars, Hailey Van Lith and Angel Reese

Angel Reese led the LSU Tigers to a 78-58 win against the Alabama Crimson Tide with a double-double to make up for the shock 67-62 loss to the Auburn Tigers a few days ago.

Reese registered 20 points and 17 rebounds and almost had the assist of the CBB season when an over-the-head no-look pass found a wide-open Hailey Van Lith.

The mercurial guard could not sink the 3-pointer that would have made it one of the plays of the season, though.

Later, during the postgame interview, the $1.7 million NIL-valued Reese aimed a light-hearted dig at Van Lith over the missed assist.

“I know. I’m gonna kill Hailey for that one. I told Van Lith that was SportsCenter,” Reese said.

Hailey Van Lith drawn to LSU by Angel Reese, still adapting

Hailey Van Lith’s transfer from the Louisville Cardinals was an intriguing one and she joined the reigning national champions to make for a star-studded cast after only one visit.

In an interview with NBC Sports, she revealed that playing with Angel Reese drew her to choose the Tigers as her destination from the transfer portal.

“I wanted to play with a really great five or a four and Angel Reese fits that perfectly,” Van Lith said.

Van Lith might have been at LSU for a few months, but she is still learning the ropes, as evidenced by the surprise on her face when she received the no-look pass from the talented Angel Reese.

After the LSU Tigers beat the Texas A&M Aggies 87-70, Van Lith, who registered 14 points, spoke about the adaptation process that she’s undergoing while learning about her teammates and vice versa.

“Typical process of building team chemistry,” Van Lith said. “We’re not immune to the natural process of that. We’re getting to know each other better. We’re getting around each other more often. Now we’re playing tough competition, so it’s bringing out that competitive fire in all of us. We’re definitely having fun.”

Controversial coach Kim Mulkey also spoke about the adaptation Van Lith had to go through during her time at LSU after the game against Texas A&M.

“Hailey gets in the transfer portal knowing what we have,” Mulkey said. “That told me first that she’s got some unselfishness in her. She’s a very confident kid, but you’re going to sacrifice your comfortable position to come and try to learn a position that we need and a position that will help you go on and have a pro career.”

With Angel Reese returning in form after her absence earlier in the season and Hailey Van Lith gelling better with her teammates, the Tigers’ national championship repeat prospects are promising.

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