Travis Kelce’s shove on Andy Reid ‘is not a big deal’, insists the Chiefs coach as he says the pair have discussed his shock outburst – and he doesn’t expect any other Kansas City players copying the tight end’s actions

Andy Reid says Travis Kelce‘s Super Bowl outburst is ‘not a big deal’ and stressed that the two have cleared the air after the Chiefs star nearly knocked him over in a moment of anger.

Kelce shoved his coach, 65, and screamed in his face after being left out of a vital play in Sunday’s game in Vegas that was curtailed when running back Isiah Pacheco fumbled the ball.

Reid gave a brief press conference on Tuesday where he was asked if he was concerned other Chiefs players would overstep the line like Kelce.

‘Listen, he and I have talked. It’s not a big deal,’ Reid said. ‘I wouldn’t anticipate other players doing that.’

The Chiefs coach laughed off the exchange after the game was over – telling reporters Kelce ‘keeps me young.’

Chief coach Andy Reid says Travis Kelce 's Super Bowl outburst is 'not a big deal'

Chief coach Andy Reid says Travis Kelce ‘s Super Bowl outburst is ‘not a big deal’

He added: ‘He tested that hip out. He caught me off balance – normally, I’d give him a little bit, but I didn’t have any feet under me.’

Kelce, speaking after the win on Sunday, refused to reveal exactly what he yelled at Reid but did reaffirm how much respect he has for his coach.

‘I’m going to keep it between us unless my mic’d up tells the world,’ Kelce said. ‘I was just telling him how much I loved him.’

And at a press conference after the game Kelce, 34, said he owed his success as a three-time Super Bowl winner to the coach.

‘I got the greatest coach this game has ever seen,’ said Kelce. ‘He’s unbelievable at not only dialing up plays and having everybody prepared, but he’s one of the best leaders of men that I’ve ever seen in my life.’

‘And he’s helped me a lot with that, with channeling that emotion, with channeling that passion,’ he continued.

‘And I owe my entire career to that guy and being able to control how emotional I get and I just love him, man.’

Travis Kelce’s staggering earnings per Instagram post as NFL star rakes in money while dating Taylor Swift

TRAVIS Kelce earns a ridiculous amount of money per Instagram post.

Travis Kelce exploded into the limelight after starting his relationship with Taylor Swift, and because of it he has a devoted social media following.

Travic Kelce can earn around $34,000 for an Instagram post
Travic Kelce can earn around $34,000 for an Instagram postCredit: Getty

Taylor Swift earns over $600,000 for an Instagram post
Taylor Swift earns over $600,000 for an Instagram postCredit: AP
Kelce is up to 6.4 million followers on Instagram and there are a lot of eyes on everything that he posts.

With such a large following, experts at Impressive estimated that Kelce could bring in up to $34,200 for a single sponsored Instagram post.

While that figure seems high, it is nothing compared to what his girlfriend could bring in.

Swift has a staggering 281 million followers on Instagram and has eyes on her page from around the globe.

With so many people viewing her posts, Swift could earn up to $637,300 for a single sponsored Instagram post.

Others within the Kelce/Swift circle could also see big paychecks for sponsored Instagram posts.

Jason Kelce is up to 2.2 million followers and could earn $15,500 for a sponsored post.

His wife Kylie is quite close to him with 1.6 million followers and would earn $11,900 for a sponsored Instagram post.

Donna Kelce, the Kelce brothers’ mom, has 570,000 Instagram followers and could see a $5,400 check for an Instagram post.

Travis Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes could also see big paydays for sponsored posts.


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He has 6.7 million Instagram followers, a bit more than Kelce has currently.

With a number like that, Mahomes commands around $36,000 per sponsored Instagram post.

His wife has a sizable following on Instagram as well with 1.9 million followers after being announced as a Sports Illustrated model.

She commands just under $14,000 per Instagram post.

Travis' brother Jason earns around $15,000 for an Instagram post
Travis’ brother Jason earns around $15,000 for an Instagram postCredit: Getty


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