The war of words between Caitlin Clark and Kim Mulkey ended with Clack’s classy performance, leaving Kim Mulkey at a loss and in tears. FULL DETAILS BELOW!!!

She hit back at critics

Caitlin Clark belittles Angel Reese's coach Kim Mulkey with classy response

Caitlin Clark‘s spectacular performances in college basketball have garnered attention, but LSU coach Kim Mulkey recently took a dig at her.

Following LSU’s win over Texas A&M, Mulkey‘s remarks didn’t go unnoticed, prompting some to suggest she focus on her team’s issues before criticizing others. LSU has grappled with internal conflicts and minor player concerns recently.


Caitlin Clark buzzer beater three from logo sends Iowa fans into frenzy

“We don’t have any players shooting 40 times a game like you see around the country,” she remarked. “That’s not us.”

Clark hits back

In response to the criticism, Clark addressed her detractors, including Mulkey, in an exceptionally classy manner.

The talented player is enjoying another impressive season, although she acknowledges that she might not be the absolute best in women’s college basketball.

“That’s not something I worry about,” Clark noted.

“I think I just worry about being in this moment, enjoying this moment.

“The people that I really care about, the people that I really love – they always have my back. … Those are the people that are really going to matter to me.”

The true measure of success for Clark will hinge on whether she can lead her team to a National Championship, aiming to correct the shortcomings of the previous season.

As her journey unfolds, time will reveal whether Clark can solidify her status among the elite players in college basketball.

Caitlin Clark’s Iowa record puts Angel Reese in a bad mood. FULL STORY BELOW!!!



Charlie NeibergallLAPRESSE

ACaitlin Clark inches closer to making history, the anticipation surrounding her inevitable record-breaking moment is palpable. With just eight points away from surpassing Kelsey Plum’s NCAA Division I women’s scoring record, all eyes are on the Iowa standout as she gears up to face off against the Michigan Wolverines.

The potential record-breaking performance of Clark with Iowa may sour the mood of Angel Reese, given their perceived rivalry as the two most media-friendly players in the league. Currently, Caitlin holds the edge, which adds tension to their dynamic.

Caitlin Clark’s NCAA scoring record called into question by Pistol Pete’s son

For Clark and the Hawkeyes, this game holds significant importance beyond just individual accolades. It’s an opportunity to bounce back from a recent setback against Nebraska and solidify their position in the heated three-team race for the Big Ten title.

With only five regular-season contests left, every game carries pivotal seeding repercussions for the upcoming NCAA tournament.

The buzz surrounding Clark‘s pursuit of history has been building for weeks, especially after she surpassed Kelsey Mitchell‘s Big Ten mark. However, the spotlight on Super Bowl Sunday dimmed slightly as the Nebraska Cornhuskers managed to hold her scoreless in the fourth quarter, thwarting her record-breaking bid.

Nonetheless, with the NFL in its post-Super Bowl lull and the NBA quiet ahead of its All-Star break, all attention now turns to Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

“I’m not anxious about it really at all,” Clark said. “I’m just really excited. It’s going to be a special night.”

An outstanding season

Unlike Plum‘s record-breaking feat, where she scored an astounding 57 points on senior night, Clark‘s path to history seems almost effortless. Averaging an impressive 32.1 points per game, she could potentially shatter the record by the first-quarter buzzer.

“Eight points is what we’re looking at for this record, and obviously she’s going to just blast it out of the water,” Iowa head coach Lisa Bluder said. “It’s going to be fun to see how many points she adds on to that.”

What LSU’s Kim Mulkey told Caitlin Clark after Iowa star’s historic March Madness performance

Kim Mulkey isn’t shedding tears that Caitlin Clark will soon be heading to the WNBA.

After Clark and Iowa eliminated Mulkey and LSU on Monday night in the Elite Eight of the NCAA Women’s Tournament, the Lady Tigers’ coach complimented Iowa’s iconic sharpshooter.

“What did I say to her?” Mulkey said. “I said, ‘I sure am glad you’re leaving. Girl, you’re something else. Never seen anything like it.’”

Kim Mulkey
Kim Mulkey speaks postgame after LSU’s loss to Iowa.X/NCAA Tournament

Mulkey has seen first-hand in each of the last two tournaments why Clark is the greatest scorer in NCAA history, and this time, her squad couldn’t down the Hawkeyes, who defeated the Tigers 94-87 on Monday.

Last season, LSU topped Iowa in the title game, 102-85, despite 30 points and eight rebounds from Clark.

On Monday, Clark torched LSU for 41 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds. The Lady Tigers had no answers for Clark, who shot 13-of-29 from the field and 9-of-20 from deep.

Clark’s nine 3-pointers tied the NCAA Women’s Tournament record.

Kim Mulkey and LSU had no answers for Caitlin Clark.
Kim Mulkey and LSU had no answers for Caitlin Clark.Getty Images

Caitlin Clark scored 41 points against LSU.
Caitlin Clark scored 41 points against LSU.AP
Clark particularly torched in the third quarter after the teams entered the break even at 45-all. She hit four three-pointers to help give Iowa a 69-58 lead entering the fourth quarter.

“There’s not a whole lot of strategy,” Mulkey said when asked about defending Clark. “You got to guard her, nobody else seems able to guard her. We didn’t even guard her last year when we beat them. She’s just a generational player and she just makes everybody around her better. That’s what the great ones do.

“I think they had a kid that scored 21 (Kate Martin) and 18 (sic; 16; Sydney Affolter), (Clark) had 12 assists. Caitlin Clark is not going to beat you herself. It’s what she does to make those other teammates better that helps her score points and them score points to beat you.”

With Clark ending LSU’s season, the Lady Tigers fell three wins short of becoming the first reigning national champion to repeat since UConn four-peated from 2013-16.


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