The war of words between Caitlin Clark and Kim Mulkey ended with Clack’s classy performance, leaving Kim Mulkey at a loss and in tears.

She hit back at critics

Caitlin Clark belittles Angel Reese's coach Kim Mulkey with classy response

Caitlin Clark‘s spectacular performances in college basketball have garnered attention, but LSU coach Kim Mulkey recently took a dig at her.

Following LSU’s win over Texas A&M, Mulkey‘s remarks didn’t go unnoticed, prompting some to suggest she focus on her team’s issues before criticizing others. LSU has grappled with internal conflicts and minor player concerns recently.

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Caitlin Clark buzzer beater three from logo sends Iowa fans into frenzy

“We don’t have any players shooting 40 times a game like you see around the country,” she remarked. “That’s not us.”

Clark hits back

In response to the criticism, Clark addressed her detractors, including Mulkey, in an exceptionally classy manner.

The talented player is enjoying another impressive season, although she acknowledges that she might not be the absolute best in women’s college basketball.

“That’s not something I worry about,” Clark noted.

“I think I just worry about being in this moment, enjoying this moment.

“The people that I really care about, the people that I really love – they always have my back. … Those are the people that are really going to matter to me.”

The true measure of success for Clark will hinge on whether she can lead her team to a National Championship, aiming to correct the shortcomings of the previous season.

As her journey unfolds, time will reveal whether Clark can solidify her status among the elite players in college basketball.

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