The Cavinder Twins Are Back, As Haley Joins Her Sister Back At Miami Just Hours After Hailey Van Lith Transferred To TCU To Play Alongside One Of The Twins

I wrote a blog yesterday about Hanna Cavinder, one of the two Cavinder twins and legitimately the queens of NIL unretiring from college basketball to come back and play one more season at Miami:

The Queens Of NIL: After A Year Off, The Other Cavinder Twin Hanna Announces She’s Also Unretiring And Heading Back To Miami For One More…
Breaking news coming out of Coral Gables this afternoon. The Cavinder twins were the story of women’s basketball before the latest years of Caitlin Clark, Hailey Van Lith, and Angel Reese hype. They w…


In that blog, I wrote that Hailey Van Lith, a megastar in her own right, was transferring from LSU after their run at repeating as national champions fell short to Iowa and Caitlin Clark. I also wrote that if Miami was a potential destination for HVL, that it would make next season must see television in women’s hoops. Silly little me didn’t consider the fact that she’d be joining the other twin, and heading to Fort Worth to play at TCU.

This is what I would have written, and was writing… until I saw this tweet:



Shameless stuff here by Haley to announce her return two hours after HVL transfers to TCU. But there is nothing more important than family, and that truly trumps massive viewership at TCU. Is it too late for HVL to say sike and jump ship to Miami? Otherwise, this blog, and this tweet fall upon deaf ears because it’ll never come to fruition:

What could have been.

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