Taylor Swift Reacts to Travis Kelce’s Bold Message to Her on Twitter

Taylor Swift has got a ton of musical mileage out of the romantic relationships that have come and gone in her life, but those guys haven’t been the truly essential players in her journey to the top of the pop star pyramid.

It’s Scott and Andrea Swift, Taylor’s parents, who have championed their daughter since day one, believing in her so much that they left their palatial house in Reading, Penn., for Nashville, where a determined 14-year-old Taylor felt she had to be to make her dream a reality.

Talking to CMT, she said her parents weren’t just indulging her for the sake of being supportive. “My parents actually believed it,” she said.

Before her Reputation Tour touched down in Philadelphia, she took a few friends to visit her childhood home, a Christmas tree farm in Wyomissing, where the new owners were apparently happy to let the famous former resident in to take a look at her old room.

Travis Kelce’s Autograph Session With Chandler Parson’s Son Goes Viral

Uncle Trav has arrived in town and is signing autographs for all ages, including babies. The autograph session coincided with the Chiefs star and former NBA player’s seeming competitive round of golf. Travis Kelce took the time to sign the cranial helmet of Chandler Parsons’ youngster while visiting his friend and retired NBA great.





“Uncle Trav’s in town!” Parsons’ wife, Haylee, shared an Instagram Story with a shot of the NFL player cuddling six-month-old Chrome Evan Parsons. “Making cranial helmets cool!” the 31-year-old mother of two captioned a video of the autograph session, in which Kelce lovingly held Chrome’s head while signing the helmet.





After writing his “87” jersey number, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, added “OG IN THE GAME” to finish the sought-after item. Kelce’s autograph session coincided with a golf outing with the former Dallas Mavericks player.


On Instagram, Parsons released a humorous video from the golf course in which he and others played his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood” to distract the Super Bowl champion from his game.

But once Kelce teed off and the ball landed, he appeared to be pleased with the outcome.

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