Sports fans crush Jay Williams for his absurd Caitlin Clark isn’t ‘great’ take

Former Duke guard Jay Williams delivered a take over the weekend that had sports fans scratching their heads.

With College GameDay on hand in Auburn, Ala., counting the basketball world down to No. 12 Auburn versus No. 20 Kentucky, Williams had some words to say about Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark.

For most, Clark setting the women’s college basketball all-time scoring record in No. 4 Iowa’s 106-89 romp over Michigan was the perfect moment to celebrate her greatness.

In patented fashion, Clark set the all-time scoring record with a logo 3-pointer. Then, in a fitting display, Clark went ahead and dropped an Iowa single-game scoring record with 49 points.

The 6-foot senior guard knocked down 9-of-18 3-pointers and 16-of-31 from the floor overall. Clark also dished out 13 assists.

It was the complete Clark masterclass.

But, apparently that wasn’t good enough for Jay Williams. In the perfect example of what’s wrong with sports commentary today, Williams said on Saturday that he isn’t willing to call Clark “great” because she hasn’t won a national championship.

“I think she is the Stephen Curry of women’s college basketball. I think she has changed the dynamics of the way the game is played. I think the way she plays, the pizzazz, is like she’s probably the most prolific scorer the game of basketball has ever seen.

“I am unwilling, and maybe it’s the Kobe mentorship around me, to say that she is great yet. I think she is the most prolific scorer the game has ever seen. I hold great, or the levels of immortality or the pantheon to when you win championships. I’m just being (honest), that’s just me. So, Diana Taurasi, when you win three consecutive championships, two-time national player of the year, it has to culminate with a chip.

“It has to. I mean, Breanna Stewart, if we’re talking about GOAT, legends of the game, she’s won four chips. Four chips, multiple national players of the year. So, I’m not saying that she’s not at a high, high, high level, but for it to go to the stakes of immortality in my opinion, it has to culminate with your team winning a championship,” Williams said.

There’s so many examples within sports why “ring logic” is not and can’t be the end-all, be-all for how we judge athletes “greatness.” Clark is undeniably great.

Williams said it himself. Clark has reimagined the way the women’s game is played. Is that not “greatness” in and of itself?

The sports world wasn’t having it with Williams take on Clark.

I mean…c’mon Jay Will

Congrats, Jay!


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