SHORE FEUD James Tindale wades in on Geordie Shore feud and reveals Charlotte Crosby’s future on the show

GEORDIE Shore’s James Tindale has waded in on the show feud and revealed his co-star Charlotte Crosby’s future on the programme.

The latest series of Geordie Shore might have been a little different to the previous ones – but it certainly brought a lot of drama.

James Tindale has spoken out about the ongoing feud on Geordie Shore

James Tindale has spoken out about the ongoing feud on Geordie ShoreCredit: Instagram

Marnie Simpson and Charlotte Crosby (Left) fell out during the latest series


Marnie Simpson and Charlotte Crosby (Left) fell out during the latest seriesCredit: Splash News

Charlotte has said that she won't return to Geordie Shore

Charlotte has said that she won’t return to Geordie ShoreCredit: Instagram
It saw the majority of the OG cast, who took part in the previous reunion series, head off to Cyprus with their partners and children.

After just a couple of days, Charlotte Crosby, 33, dramatically left the villa with her fiance Jake Ankers and daughter Alba, after a furious argument with Marnie Simpson, 32, over a high chair.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun about what happened during the show at C4 Energy x Millions launch party, James, 33, said: “It was hard for me because I’m so close with a lot of people in there…

“So when they argue I’m like I don’t really want to take sides because then I will fall out with them.

“To make the situation better, but not offend anyone and make it worse… so it’s like walking on egg shells a little bit.

“There’s not one person that I would point the finger at and go ‘they’re to blame’, ‘they should have done this’, because it was just the situation and the environment.

“Hats off to them! I wouldn’t have liked to have been there with a child – especially a young one, like a toddler.

“You also forget the fact that viewers online, like to put their two pence in and comment on how you’re doing.

“I would hate that. I imagine it’s hard enough being a parent, but when the whole world comments on it, it must be even harder.

“We’ve got thick skin. We’re used to getting a little bit of criticism, and taking it, but when someone talks about how you are as a parent or your children, that’s going to hurt isn’t it?”‘

Since the show has aired, Charlotte has insisted that there’s no going back for her, and that she has quit Geordie Shore “forever”.

It has left many wondering if the mum-of-one will ever return.

When asked if the if she would appear on the programme again, James said: “I don’t know because she’s got a family and she’s very busy, she’s got a lot of projects happening.

“I think Geordie Shore will always hold a place in her heart. She might pop in.

“I don’t think she’ll do a full one ever again, but I hope she does.”

Geordie Shore first hit our screens back in 2011 and has had 24 successful series.

A lot has changed for the cast members over the years, with many of them putting their partying ways behind them.

Now James is ready to do the same.

The fitness fanatic is currently dating Leah – and on the latest series the pair left Newcastle and jetted off to UAE to start a new life.

Talking about their relationship, James said: “I’m at that stage in my life where we live together, we’ve been living in Dubai together, now we’re living in the UK together.

“We do want to have kids, we see everyone else with the kids and we do want to get married.

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