Piers Morgan claims Prince William ‘covering something up’ about Kate Middleton

Piers Morgan has said he’s been told ‘alarming things’ following the drama surrounding Kate Middleton’s manipulated photo.

Earlier this week, a photograph which showed The Princess of Wales posing with her three children was revealed to be manipulated, with a statement on her behalf later apologising for any ‘confusion’ caused.

Soon after the broadcaster, 58, called for the Palace to share the unedited photo that was released on Mother’s Day to quash the conspiracy theories that emerged online after she underwent abdominal surgery two months ago.

After initially saying it was ‘not a trivial matter’, he’s now gone a step further.

On the latest episode of his Uncensored show, which aired on Thursday night, Piers said that while Kate ‘could be fine and doing well’ and attempts to ‘correct the conspiracy theories got it wrong’, he went on to speculate the Palace could also be ‘hiding something’.

He then went on to share he’d been told concerning details of what is unfolding, although made it clear he couldn’t confirm if they were true.

‘I’ve been told some stuff that, if even half of it is true, it’s pretty alarming what is happening. I don’t know what to believe, nor do any of us – we’re not there,’ he said.

During the show, Piers also said the whole drama was turning the Royal family into a ‘laughing stock in America’, after a talk show host joked Kate ‘could have been dead for 18 months’.

Going on to question why Kate was ‘spending time hunched over photoshop, making amateur edits of official portraits when they literally have servants to do that’, Piers then pondered why her missing wedding ring was not edited in.

Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales.
The Princess of Wales has been the centre of conspiracy theories in recent weeks (Picture: AP)
Piers then said that while he had ‘enormous personal sympathy for the family’ at the moment and referenced how King Charles is currently being treated for cancer, he said it ‘was their decision to release the photograph’, which had then led to even more conspiracy theories.

In a column for the New York Post earlier this week Piers said his ‘sympathy will erode if it turns out that she and the palace have deliberately misled the media and public about when the photo was taken to convey a false impression about her condition’.

The broadcaster said the Royal family’s decades-long approach of ‘never complain and never explain’ was now becoming ‘increasingly obsolete and unworkable’.

He then said the ‘obvious thing’ for the palace to do next was to release the original unedited image so the public could ‘see for ourselves just how much we were duped’ and to also find out exactly when it was taken.


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