Ohio State women’s basketball: Caitlin Clark gets apology from Kevin McGuff after court-storming collision, what did Caitlin Clark say?

Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff also gave his flowers to Iowa’s superstar guard.

Ohio State women's basketball coach Kevin McGuff saying I'm sorry to Iowa superstar Caitlin Clark after her collision with a fan

Iowa women’s basketball star Caitlin Clark dropped 45 points before dropping to the floor after she collided with an Ohio State fan, who stormed the court to celebrate the Buckeyes’ 100-92 upset overtime win on Sunday afternoon. Caitlin Clark was running off the floor when the collision happened.

She immediately winced in pain after crashing to the ground as arena personnel and teammates came to her aid and helped her to the locker room.

Clark revealed that she received an apology from Ohio State women’s basketball athletic director Gene Smith. Ohio State coach Kevin McGuff also apologized and talked about the incident during his post-game press conference.

“Such a spectacular performance today and she’s such a great player, and that should never happen,” Ohio State women’s basketball coach Kevin McGuff said, via ESPN. “I feel really badly. Hopefully, she’s OK and it doesn’t affect her moving forward. That’s extremely unfortunate. It shouldn’t happen to anybody, but man, such a great player like Caitlin, you really hate that. I know we had security, but a student apparently beat the security, so I really feel badly about that.”

Caitlin Clark admitted that the collision left her a winded and she felt a little scared about the situation. Fortunately, nothing serious happened to the Iowa women’s basketball star.

The collision once again raised questions about player safety with regards to fans storming the court after the game. Fans being allowed to go to the court after a game has become a long-standing tradition in college basketball. But obviously, player safety should be of utmost priority by the NCAA.

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