Mysterious Angel Reese post raises a lot of speculation at a time when No. 1 competitor Caitlin Clark just broke an NCAA record: Now be quiet

Fans were critical of her recent LSU performance

Mysterious Angel Reese post sparks speculation: Stay quiet for now

In the fiercely competitive arena of NCAA women’s basketball, LSU Tigers‘ forward Angel Reese has become a beacon of excellence, leading her team to a commanding 85-66 victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Yet, despite her on-court brilliance, Reese finds herself at the center of speculation, fueled not only by her game-day prowess but also by her interactions off the court.

Angel Reese surprises LSU men’s basketball team with generous gift

The conversation around Reese reached a fever pitch when she responded to a fan-made video critiquing her performances with a cryptic message on X (formerly Twitter).

“After the video you made today, I think you should stay QUIET for now,” Reese said on X. This enigmatic tweet has sent waves through the basketball community, leaving many to wonder about the implications of her words.

Reese, whose NIL value is pegged at $1.7 million according to On3, stands at a pivotal moment in her career. As a senior with the option to declare for the 2024 WNBA draft, thanks to an extra year of eligibility granted by the NCAA due to COVID-19, Reese‘s future is the subject of intense speculation.

The controversy is heightened by comments from LSU’s controversial coach, Kim Mulkey, who praised Reese‘s maturity under the spotlight and hinted at the looming end of her collegiate career.

“I don’t know about a magazine, I don’t keep up with all that,” Mulkey said, subtly addressing the buzz around Reese. “Her career is winding down in college, and so you start counting probably in her mind how many more games I have in my college career.”

What’s next for Reese?

In recent interviews, Reese has openly discussed her aspirations and the weight of her senior year. Speaking to Glamour, she expressed a clear desire to transition to the WNBA, stating, “This is my senior year, and I have the opportunity to declare for the WNBA this year if I choose to. Personally, I aspire to make it to the WNBA.”

Her ambitions extend beyond personal achievement; Reese envisions a broader future for the WNBA. In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, she advocated for the expansion of the league to accommodate the burgeoning talent pool.

“I hope that there will be more teams so that everybody has an opportunity, because there are so many great players and they currently only have 144 (roster spots) in the league. I want the WNBA to grow,” Reese articulated, highlighting a shared goal among her peers to widen the league’s reach.

As Reese contemplates her impending departure for the professional ranks, her cryptic message serves as a poignant reminder of the pressures and expectations faced by student-athletes at the pinnacle of college sports.

With her likely move to the WNBA, Reese‘s collegiate journey-a period marked by dazzling highs and the inevitable scrutiny that accompanies stardom-nears its conclusion, signaling the end of a glamorous era in women’s college basketball.

Angel Reese‘s legacy, punctuated by her undeniable talent and the intrigue of her final collegiate days, will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on LSU and the NCAA.

As the basketball world watches on, the anticipation for Reese‘s next chapter, and the future she hopes to shape for the WNBA, builds with each passing game.


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