“My Life Was Normal”: Angel Reese Chooses to Go Back in Non-LSU Times Over a Dollar

Angel Reese has recently been making headlines due to the hypotheses surrounding her absence from the LSU bench. While fans and analysts speculated that her grades were the reason behind her absence, LSU coach Kim Mulkey remained tight-lipped on the matter. However, Reese has returned to the court successfully and is playing a pivotal role in the team’s pursuit of an NCAA title for the second consecutive year.

Angel Reese prefers Maryland
Upon joining the LSU, Reese made it clear that despite her status as a national treasure, she’s just like any other person, with her own set of issues. The previous MVP of the Final Four opened up about her mental health, explaining that it was largely responsible for her absence from the Tigers’ games.

Soon after the commotion is over, Angel Reese is back at court in her old form, displaying thunderous performances. But a recent X post of hers dug back on the drama as she posted a tweet saying, “One dollar or relive your freshman year of college again.”

As silly as it sounds, who will pay a dollar over a freshman year until Angel Reese chooses to respond? She reposted the tweet on her X account and wrote, “I’ll relive my freshman year at UMD again, even though it was during COVID and I had a few injuries; my life was normal.”

This statement holds a plethora of emotions, as seen by Reese.

Reese, a power forward in particular, started her freshman year for Maryland in the starting lineup. Head coach Brenda Frese commended her for her leadership, even though she was only a freshman. Frese saw Reese as one of the “Big Three” players on the club, along with Ashley Owusu and Diamond Miller.

In her first game with the team on November 27, 2020, she scored a season-high 20 points and pulled down nine rebounds in a 94–72 victory over Davidson at the Gulf Coast Challenge.

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After landing awkwardly in the first few minutes of her fourth game on December 3 versus Towson, she sustained a Jones fracture in her right foot. Following surgery, she was unable to function until February 23, 2021. Reese left the bench after her injury recovery.

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