LSU’s Womens Basketball Team Is In Shambles After A Feud Between Angel Reese And Flau’jae’s Mother And Rumors Reese Is Suspended Due To A Low GPA


It’s a little surprising how underreported the massive shitshow that is LSU women’s hoops is going this season. When they got one of the best players in the country Hailey Van Lith to transfer from Louisville, and retained arguably the best player in the country last year Angel Reese, LSU immediately became the favorite to repeat for the title. But we’re only a few games into this season and you could already create a reality show on the team led by Kim Mulkey who is equally as crazy and it’d be more drama than prime Hard Knocks.

Yesterday Reese wasn’t with the team against Southeast Louisiana, and Mulkey did absolutely nothing to dispel rumors that she’s suspended due to a low GPA:

So that’s where we’re at with Reese in terms of being away from the team with absolutely zero reasoning given, and now the internet sleuths are sleuthing. It’d take me 10,000 words to fully explain what’s been going on, but let’s start with Reese and Flau’jae’s mothers getting into an online feud earlier this week before this all went down:

Whoever cropped those images that are now unavailable should be sent to Bolivian, but for context Reese’s mother is on the left which seemingly came out of no where and Flau’jae’s mother responded on the right calling her and Angel out.

How did Reese respond to the suspension? With a video thanking her boyfriend for sending her flowers:

So Angel’s “carrying the weight of the world” on her shoulders, is suspended for the internet’s best guess of a low GPA after Flau’jae’s mother’s comment, Kim Mulkey is off the rails like always and won’t comment, and LSU dropped their opener to Colorado and has looked fluky at best through 5 games. Oh and Mulkey is going viral today for randomly bringing up COVID in that same presser where everyone wanted to know why she isn’t starting her best player:


Whatever the fuck is going on at LSU won’t be kept under wraps for too much longer, and I’ve taken it upon myself to be the temporary LSU women’s basketball beat reporter because Mintzy is too busy peddling Brick Watches around the country. More to come.

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