LSU Star Hailey Van Lith’s Latest Wild VIDEO is Causing Problems on Twitter


LSU Star Hailey Van Lith’s Latest Wild Video Causes A Stir

LSU Star Hailey Van Lith’s Latest Wild Video Causes A Stir

LSU star Hailey Van Lith made quite the splash last summer when she announced that she was leaving Louisville to join the defending champion Tigers.

Many compared the move to Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder in favor of the Golden State Warriors.

Thus far, Van Lith’s transfer has produced mixed results. LSU is still a scary team that could win it all, but they are hardly the juggernaut one might expect them to be given all the talent on the roster.

Plus, the Tigers’ season has been filled with nonstop drama – including both head coach Kim Mulkey taking a mean-spirited shot at Caitlin Clark and a ton of infighting.

This week, Van Lith caused something of a stir with a wild video that showed her looking absolutely befuddled midgame as she was getting directions from her coach:

Fans at home couldn’t help but react:



Van Lith is a huge star, obviously. She has set the internet ablaze in recent months for everything ranging from fans noticing something weird on her lip to her provocative boat party photos to her racy vacation pictures.

In that respect, her blowing up online this week shouldn’t come as a huge shock.

That said, the reason why she was trending probably caught Van Lith off guard a bit.

What will Van Lith ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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