Leaving Caitlin Clark in Awe, Cameron Brink Thanks 70 YO History Maker for Her Success

Tara VanDerveer and Cameron Brink have been crucial to what is happening at Stanford. The 70-year-old Cardinals coach, who may very well be at the zenith of her career, is setting some historic milestones. On this note, the nine-point victory at the Maples Pavilion marked her as the coach with the most wins in the NCAA’s history. Due to an injury to the knee, however, her star player, Cameron Brink, couldn’t participate in the Oregon game, in which the beloved coach surpassed Mike Krzyzewski’s record.

Having missed the game, Cameron Brink took to Instagram to celebrate her coach and wrote a beautiful ode filled with gratitude. Surprisingly, Caitlin Clark also commented on the post, leaving many stunned.

Cameron Brink talks about her baller mommy

Cameron Brink and her coach share a special bond. Stephen Curry’s god-sister considers her coach as her baller mommy, and the two even share a relationship off-court. Something that is visible in their cameo appearances on each other’s TikTok accounts.

In a recent interview with Jordan Robinson, Cameron Brink opened up about the place VanDerveer holds in her career, as the coach continues to push her to the edge and helps bring out the X-factor on the court. Cameron Brink is averaging 17.4 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 3.3 blocks per game. She helped the Cardinals lead the 2021 national championship and was selected as last year’s Pac-12 Co-Player of the Year.

On Instagram, celebrating her coach, Cameron Brink wrote, “Not everyone gets to be shaped and mentored by someone with so much knowledge, integrity, humility, humor, and kindness. It is the honor of a lifetime to be associated with Tara and the sisterhood that is Stanford women’s basketball. I will be forever grateful for the years I have spent with her and the years ahead. #1203” on her victory as she posted a carousel of pictures.

On an interesting note, Caitlin Clark also commented on the post, as the Iowa star wrote, “Love this SM.”

In her 37 seasons with the Cardinals, Tara VanDerveer has put up a historic 1,052-216 record, joining Stanford as a coach in 1985. From 1981 to 1984, however, she played for Ohio State for four seasons.

She has just one season of failure in her 37 successful seasons, and she has led the Stanford Cardinals to championships in 1990, 1992, and 2021.“It is a big number, and I’m very appreciative of the great players I’ve coached, the great places I’ve been, and the attention it’s brought to women’s basketball,” said the coach about her success.

Do you think VanDerveer’s record will soon be broken? If so, who’s your pick? Let us know in the comments below.

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