Kim Mulkey to critics of LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese’ game: ‘Be careful'(Details in comment)

BATON ROUGE – Prior to the start of this season, there’s been talk about LSU women’s basketball star Angel Reese, how she plays her game and whether it would translate to the next level.

Tigers coach Kim Mulkey had a succinct and clear message to those who questions Reese following her team’s 99-68 win over Arkansas inside the Pete Maravich Assembly Center Sunday night.

“Be careful. Be careful,” Mulkey said. “The girl will battle you. She’s so strong.”

Reese’s season did get off to a tumultuous start, with a slow start on the floor before a four-game absence from the team. But in typical Reese fashion, she’s played at her best when it’s mattered most for LSU like against then No. 9 Virginia Tech, her first game back from her absence, with 19 points and nine rebounds.

Since the start of Southeastern Conference play, Reese appears to be completely back into the form she was in during LSU’s NCAA championship run last season, averaging 20.3 points per game along with 14.1 rebounds per game, marks among the highest of any player in the league.

“I’m impressed because I see it every day. Here’s what I tell those who want to critique Angel’s game: be careful. Be careful,” Mulkey said. “Don’t say what she can’t do. You need to understand what she has done: four state championships in high school, a national championship in college.

“It’s called a winner.”

ESPN released its latest WNBA mock draft earlier this week and Reese was listed as the No. 8 overall pick. That was one spot lower than when she was projected to be picked before the 2023-24 season tipped off.

Back in October, Mulkey took exception to Reese’s criticisms and projections and said that Reese was motivated by the doubters. And for the both of them, nothing has changed.

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“Angel figures it out. Angel really could lead our team in assists. And she would just go crazy if she did. She really loves to pass the ball,” Mulkey said. “Angel takes great pleasure in doing things maybe that a lot of post players don’t do.”

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