‘Kate Middleton wild conspiracy theories are too much to bear – let’s give her what Diana asked for’

Before Princess Diana’s tragic death, there were rumours that she was planning to move abroad – America was mooted, never confirmed – to start living a quieter, more private existence.

The constant hysteria surrounding her every move was proving too much to bear. She talked openly about it, announced her intentions to ‘reduce the extent of her public life’, saying, “I hope you can find it in your hearts to understand and to give me the time and space that has been lacking in recent years.”

We never got the chance to give Diana what she asked for. Now it’s almost like we’re being given a second chance. A do-over. Because lately we find ourselves in a very familiar place: The Princess of Wales. Constant hysteria.

And it’s time to ask ourselves a very uncomfortable question. Have we learned nothing from Diana? Kate – the new Princess of Wales – has had an operation.

She has only requested what any other person on the planet would like: time off work to be able to recover in privacy. But instead of being granted this basic human need, speculation about her whereabouts has swept the entire globe, like some kind of mania.

Social media amateur detectives pick apart every statement, every – admittedly edited, but really, so what? – photo, throwing wild conspiracy theories around for other keyboard warriors to run with. In the last two days alone I’ve seen posts insisting that Kate’s dead, had a breakdown, and had facelift – all from internet ghouls certain they’re right, conveniently overlooking the fact that in reality they’re clutching at straws because they have absolutely no idea what’s really going on.

Even when a snatched photo of Kate and William at a farm shop last weekend emerged it didn’t silence the ludicrous whispers. Google it and you can read thousands of people all over the world adamant that it isn’t really Kate in the photo – of Kate. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so infuriating and upsetting.

This constant hysteria was too much to bear 27 years ago for the mother-in-law she never met, and it’s too much now, for Kate. So let’s now give Diana what she wanted – it’s too late for her, obviously, but not for the wife of the son she adored.

Let’s find it in our hearts to understand, and to give give Kate the time and space that has been lacking in recent months. Let’s not waste this chance to make things right.

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