JUST IN: Jason Kelce Beholds His First Adorable Son in Tears with Wife Kylie


JUST IN: Jason Kelce Beholds His First Adorable Son in Tears with Wife Kylie



Jason family is getting used to life with three little ones.




The Philadelphia Eagles center’s wife, Kylie, shared a postpartum update three weeks after the couple welcomed their third baby girl, daughter Bennett Llewellyn.

“Hey guys, today officially marks 3 weeks since Bennett’s arrival, and just thought it would be a good time to check in. I’m feeling about as put together as my hair right now, so frazzled, we’ll go with,” the mom of three joked.

Kylie went on to describe the “interesting dynamic” she’s enjoyed seeing “unfold in our household.”

“Wyatt, our oldest, has been a tremendous help. Elliotte, our now middle, just stopped saying put ‘it’ down, ‘it’ being Bennett, so I feel like we’re trending in the right direction,” she shared. “We’re getting the hang of three littles.”

Kylie went on to discuss her birth experience and how her partnership with Frida Mom helped optimize her recovery afterward.

“My birth with Bennett was extremely similar to my other two births. I was fortunate enough to not have to push for very long, and I got an epidural which is top priority for me,” she said. “Ultimately, it was as pleasant as a human exiting your body could possibly be, so we’ll chalk it up to a win.”

Kylie called the recovery process “where the hard work starts,” explaining, “not only are you trying to help yourself recover, but you’re also trying to care for a completely dependent little being.”

Watch: Jason Kelce breaks down in tears as he CONFIRMS news of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce fatal car crash in LA


Eagles center Jason Kelce was “the life of the party” following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII win over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.

Jason recapped his crazy trip to Sin City alongside his brother Travis on the latest New Heights podcast this week and all of the after-party clips of him that went viral. He also slipped in a vague comment about his potential retirement plans.

The dances, man… I save so many of those f—–g videos,” Travis said.

For the majority of the night, Jason was spotted dancing alone next to famous DJ Marshmello.

A video of him doing that while his brother Travis shared a special moment with Taylor Swift appeared to be the internet’s favorite clip from the night.

“That’s a very strong dichotomy,” Jason said. “On this side, two people in love and enjoying the moment together, panning to a complete neanderthal who is no longer connected to modern-day society.”

Travis tried to hold back tears from laughing so hard and said that Jason and Mashmello looked “like a tag team.”

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