ITV Celebrity Big Brother nominations spark feud as ‘snake’ emerges in house

Fern was given a huge task by Big Brother
Fern was given a huge task by Big Brother (

Image: REX/Shutterstock for Big Brother)

Fern Britton was left with a huge task from Celebrity Big Brother as she was made to choose one housemate to be evicted – but she’s unaware of the major twist

Fern Britton has sparked tension in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The former This Morning presenter has become a favourite amongst the famous housemates but one action could see this change after Big Brother dealt her a task. Just days before the final, the presenter and author was summoned to the Diary Room. Unbeknownst to her, Fern was given a task and was given the power to choose one person to evict.

The voice of Big Brother called for one housemate to head to the Diary Room, with actor Colson Smith turning to Fern saying: “You’re the only one that I trust,” as she made her way to chat with Big Brother. “Fern you’ve just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” Big Brother said.

Nikita faces the public vote but who will be joining him?
Nikita faces the public vote but who will be joining him? 

REX/Shutterstock for Big Brother)
He added: “That means you’ve been granted one wish, the biggest wish of all. You must choose one housemate to be evicted. St Patrick famously banished the snakes from Ireland, and now by finding the pot of gold, you have been selected to banish a Housemate,” as the housemates celebrated St Patrick’s Day on Sunday.

In order to choose which housemate she would be nominating, Fern was told to place the red snake on the pillow of her chosen celebrity. But the drama didn’t stop there. While the housemates were kicking back and relaxing in the sprawling bedroom, Big Brother said: “It appears St Patrick hasn’t driven out all the snakes… There is a slivery intruder in the bedroom, housemates must find it now,” as they scrambled to find the red snake.

But it was revealed on Celebrity Big Brother: Late and Live tonight that one celebrity had been saved from ever being put up for eviction for the rest of the series and thus was confirmed to have a place in the grand final on Friday. On Late and Live on Sunday, host AJ Odudu revealed that Fern Britton had been chosen to secretly select one housemate to be evicted from the house. However, in a twist she was unaware of, Fern will actually be choosing someone to be given a free pass to the final and so they would not be allowed to be put up for eviction either by the housemates or the general public at home.

As nominations continue, actor Colson believes that West End and Broadway star Marisha Wallace is playing a game. While telling Big Brother that he’s nominating her, he said: “There’s been a couple of questionable things in the house in the past couple of days. Firstly at the kissing booth, her reasons for nominating Ekin-Su came across in a bit of a game-playing way.

“Yesterday as part of the shopping task we had the courage element, I felt like I wanted to go forward and say ‘me’ and Marisha sat there in silence. It just made me feel like there might be, I don’t know… an agenda, a game.” This week, Nikita Kuzmin faces eviction having nominated himself.

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