ITV Celebrity Big Brother FEUD erupts as Zeze Millz brands co-star ‘HEARTLESS’

Since Sharon Osbourne’s departure, you’d think Celebrity Big Brother star Louis Walsh would do his best to forge friendships with the remaining housemates to avoid nomination.

But the former X Factor judge is determined to create drama as he clashed with fellow housemate Zeze Millz during the house’s latest shopping task. Big Brother transformed the house into a Wicked Big Brother’s kingdom and housemates had to follow strict rules and overcome all the requests they were faced with, in an attempt to prove they have a heart, brain and courage. And for this task Zeze and Louis were labelled as the most evil housemates and spent the day ruling from the tower upstairs in the house overlooking their subjects.

Zeze Millz instigates a row with Louis Walsh as she brands him 'heartless'

Zeze Millz instigates a row with Louis Walsh as she brands him ‘heartless’ ( 


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Both housemates had to choose who they believe to be three of the most “heartless” housemates – and it’s at this point a row erupts between them. Poking the bear, Zeze said to Louis: “Now we must decide who are the three most heartless subjects. Unfortunately, we can’t pick you.” Louis hit back saying: “I’d have put you in.”

In a bid to quash the heated chat in tonight’s episode, the YouTube star and documentary maker, replied: “Brilliant. So, who do we want to choose? I think we choose the three that haven’t done anything and come up with a reason – that’s fair.” Realising that their spat could last longer than she had previously anticipated, Zeze told the pop manager that she felt “drained” and was keen to move things on.

But yet again, they could not agree on Louis wanting to place David as one of the heartless housemates, to which Zeze adamantly refused. But inciting further fury, Louis tried to assert his authority by telling her he had the “final say, to which Zeze fumed: “No, you don’t!”

Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz end up in heated row during shopping task
Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz end up in heated row during shopping task

Louis and Zeze also had to choose who they felt were the most “brainless” housemates. And the pair chose Nikita, David and Bradley. Big Brother then asked each of the housemates a question and the answer needed to match an evil meal on the table. The remaining housemates had to answer their question correctly and finish the meal on their plate.

The trio had to eat pate, korma mackerel, cakes and scones consisting of wasabi, quark cream, beetroot and shrimp. The next task which was clearly a test of their patience, meant they had to fill a vial with their tears. The remaining housemates now include Louis Walsh, Zeze Millz, David Potts, Nikita Kuzmin, Fern Britton and Bradley Riches.

Ahead of her joining the show, Zeze said: “I know that it sounds cliché but I hope to just have fun. To have fun and to realise if I’m as clued up as I think I am. As I said before, I’ve watched a lot of reality TV and I think I know how I’d be. I think that I’m emotionally intelligent enough to know how to react “correctly” and now I can’t wait to see how I react and how I behave in there.”

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