ITV Celebrity Big Brother fans spot ‘FEUD’ as Louis Walsh ‘CAN’T HELP HIMSELF’ in SAVAGE task

Celebrity Big Brother viewers are convinced they’ve spotted a “feud” in the house after a savage courtroom task.

During Tuesday’s episode, the housemates were summoned to court as some of them prepared to stand trial for their behaviour. During the savage courtroom task, David Potts was accused of noise pollution, Bradley Riches was accused of cowardice and Marisha Wallace was accused of game playing.

The rest of their housemates assumed the roles of the defence and prosecution. Heading to the courtroom, Big Brother said: “This is Lord Chief Justice Big Brother. Every court needs a powerful and impartial judge. Someone who makes firm decisions and won’t apologise for them”, adding: “Please rise for The Right Honourable Judge Simon” to which former housemate Lauren Simon returned and made an entrance.

One by one, Marisha, David and Bradley stood trial as the housemates heard both the defence and prosecution’s case before they made their closing argument with Judge Simon having the final say.

For David’s trial, Louis Walsh didn’t hold back as he said: “David Potts I know you’re a superstar, especially in your own mind! I think you’re a decent human being but it’s the way you roar and shout around the Big Brother house. It’s noise pollution to a lot of people who are resting or maybe doing other things. That’s inconsiderate… do you think you’re loud?” to which David admitted: “Yes!”

Celebrity Big Brother viewers are convinced they've spotted a "feud" in the house after a savage courtroom task
Celebrity Big Brother viewers are convinced they’ve spotted a “feud” in the house after a savage courtroom task 
Louis continued: “Do you think everybody’s going to like that at 2am?” with David responding: “Everybody except from you, yeah!” Louis then added he had other “letters of complaints”.

Taking to Twitter, now X, viewers were quick to react to the scenes. One person said: “I know you’re a super star in your head. Ffs Louis #CBBUK”, a different account put: “”You’re a superstar..especially in your own mind” Louis just can’t help himself #CBBUK #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother” while another added: ““David Potts. I know you’re a superstar. Especially in your own mind.” I honestly can’t with Louis sometimes. #CBBUK.”

It comes as Louis broke his silence about making the final in a shock twist. During Monday’s episode, Big Brother called for one housemate to go to the Diary Room amid the house’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations, which Colson Smith nominated Fern Britton.

Big Brother explained: “Fern you’ve just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. That means you’ve been granted one wish, the biggest wish of all. You must choose one housemate to be evicted. St Patrick famously banished the snakes from Ireland, and now by finding the pot of gold, you have been selected to banish a housemate.”

To select the housemate she wanted to evict, Fern was told she had to secretly place the red snake on the chosen person’s pillow and she decided to pick Louis. However, in a twist she was unaware of, Fern actually picked someone to be given a free pass through the next nominations. This meant that Louis would not be allowed to be put up for eviction by the housemates or the general public at home, sailing through to the final.

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