Is Angel Reese Still in College?

Angel Reese is a talented basketball player who has made a significant impact during her college career. This article will delve into her journey, highlighting her achievements, records, and current status in college basketball. Let’s find out if Angel Reese is still in college.

College Career

Angel Reese began her college basketball career at the University of Maryland, where she played as a forward for the Maryland Terrapins women’s basketball team. During her freshman year, Reese played in 15 games and showcased her skills by averaging an impressive 10 points and 6 rebounds per game. Her exceptional performance earned her a spot on the Big 10 All-Freshman team.

Transfer to LSU Tigers

After her freshman year, Reese made the decision to transfer to Louisiana State University (LSU) and join the LSU Tigers women’s basketball team. This move proved to be a game-changer for Reese, as she continued to excel on the court.

Achievements and Records

Reese’s impact at LSU was immediate and profound. During the 2022-2023 season, she led the LSU Tigers to their first-ever National Championship while averaging a double-double, an impressive feat in itself. Reese’s dominance on the court earned her numerous accolades, including being named a first-team All-American and leading the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in both scoring and rebounding.

Reese’s record-breaking performances were a testament to her skill and determination. She set an NCAA record for double-doubles in a season, showcasing her consistency and ability to impact the game in multiple ways. Additionally, she set SEC records for rebounds, made free throws, and free throw attempts, solidifying her status as one of the best players in the conference.

Standout Performances

Throughout her college career, Reese had several standout performances that highlighted her versatility and scoring ability. She recorded consecutive 30-point games, showcasing her offensive prowess and ability to take over a game. Additionally, Reese had a memorable 20/20 game, demonstrating her dominance on the boards and her ability to contribute at both ends of the court.

NCAA Tournament Success

Reese’s impact extended beyond the regular season, as she made history in the NCAA Tournament. She recorded a double-double in all six tournament games, showcasing her ability to perform under pressure and elevate her game on the biggest stage. Reese’s consistent and impactful performances were instrumental in LSU’s success in the tournament.

International Success

In addition to her college achievements, Reese also represented Team USA in international competition. She played a crucial role in helping Team USA win a Silver Medal at the 2023 FIBA AmeriCup, where she set a tournament record for rebounds. Reese’s international success further solidified her status as a top-tier player.

Current Status

As of now, the information available does not explicitly state whether Angel Reese is still in college. However, based on the information provided, it can be assumed that Reese is likely still in college, given her recent achievements and records at LSU. It would be interesting to follow her career and see how she continues to excel in the world of college basketball.

Angel Reese’s college career has been nothing short of exceptional. From her impressive freshman year at Maryland to her record-breaking performances at LSU, Reese has established herself as one of the most talented players in college basketball. While her current status in college is not explicitly mentioned, it can be inferred that Reese is still in college, given her recent achievements. As she continues her basketball journey, Reese is sure to leave a lasting impact on the sport and inspire future generations of athletes.

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