HOUSE CALL Louis Walsh reveals secret Celebrity Big Brother feud as he refuses to swap numbers with show rival after final

LOUIS Walsh has revealed he hasn’t exchanged numbers with a Celebrity Big Brother favourite despite making it all the way to the final together.

The outspoken Irishman, 71, shocked housemates and viewers with his hot takes on a whole host of famous people during his time on the show.

Louis Walsh wouldn't swap numbers with show winner David Potts

Louis Walsh wouldn’t swap numbers with show winner David PottsCredit: Rex
The loose-lipped star insisted he didn’t mean any harm, rather he was was just saying what he felt.

And he’s continued in that vein after leaving the house.

Speaking to Hits Radio, the music manager revealed he didn’t swap numbers with show winner David Potts.

He said: “I didn’t give David my number – he’s a nice guy but he sings too much. I gave my number to Lauren and I loved Marisha. She’s a great girl…”

When Louis first arrived in the house he was immediately taken to a secret room with pal Sharon Osbourne where they assessed each of the celebrity contestants.

Both were scathing in their judgements of David, unimpressed by his outfit choice and loud behaviour.

They decided to put him at risk of eviction. David later told Louis that he didn’t care what he thought about him when they finally talked about the decision face to face.

Though they warmed to each other as the show went on, it evidently wasn’t enough for a friendship to be formed in the outside world.

Louis claims he was the only genuine star in the house with everyone else playing up to the cameras.

He said: “I was gobby, I told them what they wanted to hear. I wasn’t acting, I wasn’t playing, I wasn’t cooking! I was just sitting down watching everybody and they all wanted to win, they were all performing.

“Except me. I didn’t mean to be bad to anybody… but I did give my opinion on everybody. That’s just the way I am!”

Various people in Louis’ past came in for criticism in the house.

Simon Cowell, Ronan Keating and Jedward all felt his wrath at one point or another.

However, he has spoke highly of Girls Aloud and admitted he regrets not investing more of his time in them.

He said: “I knew they were good but I was really busy with Westlife and I didn’t give them enough attention if you want to know the truth.

“They had great songs and I think it’s great that they are going out as a foursome now.

“And Cheryl should do a solo record. She got a hard time but she wasn’t bad, she had some good songs and she should do it again.”

Louis wasn't keen on David's trouserless fashion choices in the house

Louis wasn’t keen on David’s trouserless fashion choices in the houseCredit: David Potts / Instagram

Louis insists he was the most real housemate

Louis insists he was the most real housemateCredit: Rex

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