“GREAT DADDY: Mohamed Salah’s Unusual Travel Pastime Includes Playing Chess with His Daughter”

Mohamed Salah, the great player for Liverpool, admitted lately in an interview that he has been “addicted” to a new pastime.


The LFC Transfer Room on X quoted Mohamed Salah as saying, “I am addicted to chess. I play it every single day.” When I play random people, they realize they are up against me, so they ask, “Are you Mo Salah?”



LFC Transfer Room on X: "Mohamed Salah on his chess addiction: “I'm addicted to chess. Literally everyday… I play random people, they know they play against me, asking 'are you Mo Salah'

Salah, A Chess Addict With A 1400 Rating, Imagines A Carlsen Meeting

The Egypt international has shown his enormous zeal for strategy by taking up an entertaining and thought-provoking pastime outside of football.


1400 Rated Chess Addict Salah Dreams Of Carlsen Meeting - Chess.com

According to the 31-year-old, he plays chess “literally every day” and is very passionate about the game.


During secret online gaming sessions, the former Roma star occasionally divulges information about his true identity through his gaming alias, leaving other gamers puzzled about who he is.

Salah has been a worldwide phenomenon since joining Liverpool in 2017 and has amassed every trophy imaginable along the road. This is demonstrated by his outstanding goal scoring record of 198 in 322 games.


Given that the star forward is an elite athlete who thoroughly understands Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s ingenious tactics, this is hardly surprising.


Mohamed Salah on X: "https://t.co/0Q5UtUBe3e" / X


Instablog9ja on X: "Mohamed Salah and daughter. ️ Salah https://t.co/LXOBZUSovU" / X

“I play chess, I have a chess addiction,” Salah said to Sky Sports.  Always, without fail.

Mohamed Salah on X: "️ https://t.co/ZXs5eIb3iV" / X

“Are you Mo Salah?” might cross your mind if you just saw my name and a few numbers.


I answer, “Yeah, I am lying.” They continue to doubt me and call me untrustworthy.


I’m not Magnus Carlsen, but I’m competent enough. Magnus is an invincible foe.


Over his six years with Liverpool, Salah has defeated some of the world’s top teams with his ingenious tactics.


The former Fiorentina player defeated Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City defenses earlier today at the Etihad Stadium.


With an assist from Salah, Trent Alexander-Arnold tied the score ten minutes before halftime, allowing the visitors to salvage a 1-1 draw.


Indeed, he’s playing chess with our football team: Liverpool supporters respond to the most recent Instagram story featuring Mo Salah.

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