Fans loved Caitlin Clark’s classy response to Dawn Staley’s claim that she needed a title to be the GOAT

Caitlin Clark’s legendary career at Iowa is nearing its end. And with just one game remaining — the national title game against South Carolina — there has already been a debate about what Clark’s legacy on women’s college basketball will look like.

Notably, is it fair to consider her the greatest of all-time?

When asked about that debate this weekend, South Carolina coach Dawn Staley said that she thought Clark needed to win a championship in order to be considered the GOAT. Staley believed that the title currently belongs to former UConn star Brenna Stewart.

Ahead of Sunday’s title game, Clark was asked about the topic. And her answer did not disappoint.

She said:

I think the biggest thing for myself is when you’re in the spotlight like this, there’s going to be a million different opinions on you. For as many people that are going to love you, there are going to be people that don’t like you. That’s the case with every professional athlete, men or women, playing at the highest stage.

I think what I’ve been able to do over the course of my career is just focus on the opinions of the people inside our locker room. That’s what I really care about, the people that I love to death, the people that have had my back every single second of my career, have been the ones that have believed in me more than anybody.

To me that’s really the only opinions that I’m concerned with are my teammates, my coaches, my family, the people that I want to make proud every single day.

Fans also loved that response from Clark.

This was how Twitter reacted


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