EVERLASTING LOVE EMOTIONAL moment Kate Garraway prompts Derek to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ back as they open cards on her last BIRTHDAY with him…FULL VIDEO IN COMMENTS

THIS is the emotional moment Kate Garraway prompted Derek Draper to say “I love you” on her last birthday with him.

In the latest documentary about the Good Morning Britain star’s husband’s health battle, Derek is seen reading out his wife’s birthday cards while propped up in bed.

Derek Draper was heard speaking and reading birthday cards

Derek Draper was heard speaking and reading birthday cardsCredit: ITV

Kate prompted her husband to say 'I love you'

Kate prompted her husband to say ‘I love you’

Derek wanted Kate's third documentary about him to be in his own words

Derek wanted Kate’s third documentary about him to be in his own wordsCredit: ITV

She told of the struggles - and costs - for carers

She told of the struggles – and costs – for carersCredit: Rex
Derek, who passed away in January aged 56, required round-the-clock help from care workers, as well as therapists to help him with his movement and speech, as part of his recovery.

He became one of the most severely affected Covid-19 patients back in 2020 when, after being put into a coma for 98 days, was left suffering from a number of ongoing, life-threatening conditions.

Brave Kate stayed by his side during every step of his battle – and in the ITV special Derek’s Story the public got a glimpse into their heartbreaking relationship towards the end.

One touching clip shows Derek and their son reading Kate’s birthday cards from friends and family.

Kate then says “love you” to her husband as he lies in bed to which he smiles.

She then adds: “That the moment for you to say it back by the way.”

Derek then says “love you too” as the couple smile and laugh.

Kate had previously let the cameras into their London home to film two other shows; Kate Garraway: Finding Derek and Kate Garraway: Caring For Derek.

They aired in 2021 and 2022 on ITV1 but Derek was seen lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair and unable to string words together.

Despite Derek’s lengthy list of needs, the mum and her family were denied any Government funding, meaning the TV presenter had to hire in help at a large cost to the family.

Kate Garraway had ‘pains in chest’ & was hospitalised while caring for Derek
Kate said: “Derek’s care costs more than my salary for my TV, and that’s before you’ve paid for a mortgage, before you’ve paid for any household bills, before you’ve paid for kids – so, we are at a crunch point.

“I am in debt and I can’t earn enough money to cover my debt because I am managing Derek’s care.

“I can’t even use the money I do have to support Derek’s recovery, because it’s going on the basics all the time.

“I’m not going to pretend by the way that I am poorly paid, I have an incredible job that I love that is well paid, but it’s not enough.”

Before he died, Kate already owed debts above £700,000, which were incurred by his psychotherapeutic company’s failure, with Kate possessing no legal authority to administer his business affairs when he became unwell.

In March 2020, Derek was rushed to hospital due to a Covid infection, which sparked years of heartbreaking health battles.

After being taken to hospital, Derek spent 214 days on a ventilator, nearly four months in an induced coma and lost eight stone, as well as his ability to speak properly.


The doc aired last night, with Derek finally getting the chance to tell his story “in his voice”.

Tragically, the dad-of-two never lived to see the final result as he died in January.

At one point Derek can be seen working with his mobility therapist Cornel, who’s encouraging him to stand up out of the wheelchair he was bound to.

The dad can be seen working to try to stand with the help of his walking frame.

It’s then that the mobility therapist says encouragingly: “One, two, three and push – I’m not helping you much.

“I don’t want to help you too much, I don’t want to pull you up off the seat.”

But after Derek makes the first attempt at standing, he falls back into the chair and begins to wail.

His wife Kate, 56, comforts him: “It’s OK, darling – it is OK, I promise.”

Derek responds: “It’s pathetic.”

Kate continues: “It’s not pathetic, it isn’t pathetic. You are absolutely trying.”

Derek attempts to stand two further times, as Kate adds more encouragement: “You can take a breath, but keep going. You’re there. Well done! Keep going.”

But he fails to make the move, leaving him upset.

Kate later tells the cameras: “I want Derek to have less care, but in order for Derek to get to that point, you need support.”

Fans of the Good Morning Britain host were left heartbroken by the show, saying Derek had been “on the way up”.

In December 2023, Kate was by her husband’s side once more after he suffered a huge heart attack.

Kate and Derek filmed their final documentary for ITV together last year.

Throughout the hour-long show, Kate repeatedly highlighted the severe lack of funding for social care in the UK.


Kate explained to the cameras that she felt no relief by her husband’s death.

She then vowed to continue fighting for more funding for carers as a way of marking his legacy.

Tragically, Kate's husband Derek died in January this year

Tragically, Kate’s husband Derek died in January this year

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