Doug Gottlieb Reacts to “Paul Pierce’s Way” of Saying Caitlin Clark Earned His Respect

DOUG GOTTLIEB SHOW – Doug Gottlieb discuss what to make of former NBA star Paul Pierces saying the following regarding Caitlin Clark and Iowa defeating LSU:

Doug Gottlieb Reacts to "Paul Pierce's Way" of Saying Caitlin Clark Earned His Respect

“I’m just gonna keep it 100 with you, we saw a White girl in Iowa do it to a bunch of Black girls. That gained my respect! She didn’t do this to some other little White girls that were over here in Colorado, whatever. She did it some girls in LSU who we thought were some dogs. Defending champs! And put them on her knee and spanked them! I didn’t expect that.”

Comparing Caitlin Clark to “Pistol” Pete Maravich Does Her a Disservice | FOX Sports Radio | The Doug Gottlieb Show

Doug Gottlieb would likely approach Paul Pierce’s statement with caution, recognizing the sensitive nature of discussing race and gender dynamics in sports.

He might acknowledge the context of Pierce’s remarks while also emphasizing the importance of focusing on athletic performance rather than racial or gender identity.

Gottlieb might express understanding of Pierce’s intent to highlight Caitlin Clark’s impressive performance against a formidable opponent like LSU.

However, he would likely caution against framing the achievement in terms of race or gender, emphasizing the need to celebrate athletes’ accomplishments without perpetuating stereotypes or divisive narratives.

AP women's All-America team: Caitlin Clark, JuJu Watkins and more | AP News

Furthermore, Gottlieb might use the opportunity to promote a broader discussion about the complexities of race and gender in sports, encouraging listeners to recognize and appreciate the diverse talents and contributions of athletes from all backgrounds.

Overall, Doug Gottlieb would likely approach the topic with sensitivity, aiming to foster thoughtful dialogue and promote mutual respect within the sports community.

Social Media Is Completely Stunned Over Video Of Angel Reese In A Tiny Bikini, Looking Like We’ve Never Seen Her Before

Angel Reese of LSU looks on during a game.

Angel Reese and the LSU Tigers have fallen short in their bid to win back-to-back National Championships. But they have certainly provided us with a ton of entertainment during their impressive run to the Elite 8.

The Tigers were taken down on Monday night in a rematch of last year’s NCAA Women’s Tournament Finals, as Caitlin Clark’s 41 points helped lead Iowa to a 94-87 victory.

Despite the loss, Angel Reese was still trending throughout the evening. Much of that had to do with her impressive stat line that read 17 points, 20 rebounds, four assists, three blocks and two steals. However, much of the buzz surrounding Reese was also concerning a video that surfaced online, showing the LSU star posing for the camera in an assortment of microscopic bikinis.

The clip had many on social media questioning those who have called Angel Reese “mid” in the past.

I think it’s fair to say that Angel Reese is just as impressive off the court as she is on it.

What’s Next For Angel Reese?

Reese’s season certainly didn’t end the way she had probably hoped it would, as the Tigers forward fouled out late in the team’s heartbreaking loss to the Hawkeyes.

It was a tough pill to swallow, as LSU entered the tournament with championship aspirations once again. With the loss, however, the focus quickly shifted to the future of Angel Reese, as many are left wondering what’s next for one of the biggest NIL earners in college sports.

Reese could opt to return to the Tigers for another season, and it wouldn’t be the worst idea based on all the money she’s earned so far at the college level. Or, she could take her talents to the WNBA, where she’s bound to be taken with a lottery pick in the draft and should continue to earn millions as her current endorsement deals are expected to carry over once she turns professional.

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