Compare the NIL rankings and income of the richest athletes of LSU: Angel Reese’s lavish life – Another girl who is equally earned more than 500,000 USD thanks to just one post

Compare the NIL rankings and income of the richest athletes of LSU: Angel Reese’s lavish life – Another girl who is equally earned more than 500,000 USD thanks to just one post

Look at how Angel Reese spends her money the same way she’s earning it, a way to play that has her fans worried!

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Angel Reese continues to grow her game and gumption. With her exceptional basketball prowess and eye-catching lifestyle, the LSU superstar became a top prospect for the WNBA. In the ongoing 2023-24 NCAA season, Reese is leading the Tigers with back-to-back wins by averaging 19.7 points, 11.2 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game.

On the other hand, when it comes to gymnastics, Olivia Dunne has been an unstoppable force and has led LSU to non-stop victories. As both of them make LSU proud in their respective sports, several fans wonder about their NIL deals.

The lavish lifestyle of Angel Reese

Aside from being one of the best college hoopers, Reese has also become a prominent figure in the world of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness).

Reese’s current NIL valuation stands at a whooping $1.7 Million, which makes her earn more than numerous WNBA players even before stepping into the league and stand at #9 in the On3 Elite Top 100 ranking. Her valuation puts her in the top ten of all college athletes.

However, in women’s college basketball, no one even comes near Reese in terms of NIL.

Reese has secured deals with numerous companies like Reebok, AirBNB, ZOA Energy, Amazon, Playstation, Bose, and many more. Her most recent deal was with Tampax, which focuses on educating the public and creating conversation around tampons.

Aside from her deals she always dreamt of becoming a star athlete and a model to have a taste of both the world and to make her dreams come true she is also a swimsuit model, who takes pride in her fashion.

“I love fashion and always wanted to be a model. I’m six foot, three inches, so I could be a model. I love taking pictures. My mom would be like, ‘You taking a hundred pictures just to post three on Instagram?’ That’s just what I do.

My grandma taught me: Never let nobody mess up your mascara, your nails, your lashes. You can be cute and go out there and still ball. So I’m trying to change the stereotype that women in sports can’t be girly and have fashion off the court,” Reese said in an interview with Law Roach of Interview Magazine.

Angel Reese also spends her earnings just like she is earning it, with swag. Her most recent gift to herself was a Mercedes Benz on her 21st birthday. She posted a pic with her latest toy on X and wrote, “BIG BODY BENZ BARBIE! 👀💖Why not get a new car when it’s your 21st birthday week??? 🥳.”

However, Reese is not the only powerpuff girl at Louisiana State University as their star gymnast Olivia Dunne also keeps her fans off their toes with her impressive skills and a NIL that’s through the roof.

The shining star

While Angel Reese is the richest athlete when it comes to Women’s basketball, she doesn’t come anywhere near Dunne, whose current NIL valuation stands at a jaw-dropping $3.3 Million.

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Being one of the richest student-athletes at this time, as per On3 Elite, Dunne has secured deals with companies like Motorola, ESPN, Forever 21, Body Armor, and numerous more, which made her third ranked player in the On3 Elite Top 100 ranking. Her most recent NIL deal was with Omaha Productions, where she appeared on ESPN’s Monday Night “ManningCast.”

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Her deals with several big companies had made her the highest-paid female athlete in the NCAA. In an interview on the Full Send podcast, Dunne revealed that she once made over $500,000 by a single post. However, she likes to have long-term partnerships with companies.

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“What I love with certain brands is getting long-term brand deals. Those are probably the best because you build a relationship with the brand and they want you year after year,” the star gymnast said.

Having over 12 Million followers across her social media like Instagram, TikTok, and several others, her fan following has made her one of the biggest and most influential stars, when it comes to college athletes.

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Like Angel Reese, Dunne also loves her cars and has spent a fair share of money buying new rides. However, both of them are shining stars at LSU in their respective sports, and giants in their NIL valuations.

They’re both breaking the barriers and setting new standards for young athletes, showing that success extends beyond the game. As they continue to achieve milestones in their niche, fans will be keeping their eyes on the stars to witness how their careers shape up once they step outside the college world and into the professional leagues.

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