Caitlin Clark’s dad snuck snacks into the Final Four and became an inspiration to fathers everywhere

When Caitlin Clark plays basketball, you can be sure her dad, Brent, is in the stands completely locked in. The dude is intense.

When she’s up and doing well, he’s celebrating her success right with her and the rest of the team. When she’s not playing to her standard he’ll let her know that, too. The guy can seem super intense at times when we see him.

And then, there are times when he just seems like a normal dad. That’s the Brent we saw on display ahead of Clark’s Final Four matchup against UConn.

ESPN caught him on camera sneaking snacks into Rocket Mortgage arena and eating them out of his pocket. It’s SUCH a peak dad move, man.

This guy. We’ve all seen this dad before. In fact, your dad has probably done this before. I know mine certainly has. It’s just…a dad thing. Peak dad-ing, if you will.

Can’t you just hear him before the game? “There’s NO WAY I’m paying full price for trail mix. We’ve got some of that in the pantry,” Brent said…probably. And he’d be absolutely right. Arena snacks are ridiculous.

This was so relatable.

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