Bronny James Gets Exposed For Sliding In The DMs Of Happy Dad’s ‘SteveWillDoIt’ IG Model Girlfriend (VIDEO + PICS)

Bronny James has been a very dedicated athlete and we know very little about his personal life.

He committed to the University of Southern California and will be making his Trojans debut as soon as he can after he went into cardiac arrest back in August.

In the meantime, Bronny is being called out for his alleged actions.

Bronny, who is reported to be in a relationship with Sierra Canyon schoolmate Peyton Gelfuso, apparently slid into the DMs of YouTuber SteveWillDoIt’s partner Celina Smith, who is also an influencer and a content creator.

SteveWillDoIt’s emotions were up the wall as he stated how hurt he would be if his girlfriend slept with Bronny James.

“Bro if my girl f—-d Bron Jr I would be so upset. Dude, he is so good at basketball. I’d be so depressed if my girl f—-d Bron Jr.”

“And you know why I say that? It’s cause LeBron Jr. messaged my girl… She told me about it.”

SteveWillDoIt is engaged to Celina Smith.

He did not show evidence of this message so we can only go by his word.

Before Bronny James graduated from Sierra Canyon High School, he attended prom night with a beautiful young lady named Peyton Gelfuso and he has been rumored to be dating her ever since.

Ever since their prom photos went viral, they’ve been spotted hanging out together occasionally. Before this, Bronny was fairly private about his love life.

Neither of them has officially stated that they’re in a relationship with each other so maybe this is why Bronny is out here trying to message another man’s girl, allegedly.

Here’s a closer look at Celina Smith:

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