Breaking News : How Taylor Swift ‘has generated over $330MILLION for the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs this season’, report claims… with her whirlwind Travis Kelce romance taking over the world

It might be hard to truly put a number on the financial impact that Taylor Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce has had on the NFL. But over $300million seems like a good place to start.


It’s clear that Swift’s dating life has taken a front seat in the world of American football this season, bringing in viewers not only to the Kansas City Chiefs but across the NFL landscape.

According to data from Apex Marketing Group (via Front Office Sports), Swift has reportedly generated a ‘brand value’ for the Chiefs and the NFL in the area of $331.5million this season.

That data puts a value on print, digital, radio, television, highlights, and social media monitoring for Swift ever since she attended her first game in Kansas City back on September 24 up to the Chiefs’ divisional round game against the Buffalo Bills.

Per Apex’s president Eric Smallwood, digital content and online news generated the most value ahead of social media.

That $331million was a significant jump from when Apex last tracked her ‘brand value’ for the Chiefs and the league back in October – at the height of ‘KelSwift’ mania.

Back when they were photographed in New York City on a date, she had generated $166m up to that point.

Taylor has gone on to attend 12 of the Chiefs’ 18 games this season – including all three of KC’s playoff matches in the run up to Super Bowl LVIII.

Now, there’s a question of whether or not she’ll be in attendance at the Big Game itself – considering she has a heavily congested schedule.

Between now and Super Bowl Sunday, Swift will be at the Grammy Awards and will be playing a four-show stretch at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. The last of those shows comes the day before the Super Bowl itself.

If she does attend, she’ll be jetting back across the Pacific Ocean shortly after for a three-night spell at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia from February 16-18.

Odell Beckham Jr. wants to join the Chiefs: Will Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift behave?


According to a report from the Daily Mail, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. wants to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs. The star receiver who played for the Baltimore Ravens last season is on the move again and the Daily Mail spoke to a source close to the player.

Amid the report, there is a general belief there could be trouble between Beckham Jr’s current girlfriend and Travis Kelce’s beau. Odell is currently dating Kim Kardashian while we all know Taylor Swift has been dating Travis since September. But why would there be problems between these two? Well, they share a past that has rapper Kanye West right in the middle of it.

People feel things may get awkward between these women when they see each other again.


Odell Beckham Jr. wants to get paid for his services

According to this report, Odell Beckham Jr. wants a massive bag for his services because he believes this might be the last contract he signs before calling it quits. With this in mind, the list of NFL teams that are willing to pay him what he wants is extremely limited. The Chiefs have emerged as an option because they are known for constantly trying to upgrade their receiving during the offseason.

Having a talent like him would be a massive upgrade if they reach an agreement. But Chiefs fans think that past between Kardashian and Swift could present an even greter problems. However, there are a few things to consider before reaching any conclusions.

First of all, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift’s feud started because of Kanye West’s ongoing issues with the pop star. The reality tv star was taking her man’s side when the confrontations took place but they are no longer together.

In fact, Kim has repeatedly stated how much she disapproves of Kanye West’s philosopy after they divorced. For all we know, there might no longer be a feud between these two and seeing each other again could serve for burying the hatchet. Although recent evidence suggests Kim Kardashian might not be over that feud.


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