BBC Strictly Come Dancing’s Zara McDermott says ‘heart is breaking’ as she shares worrying time with Sam Thompson

The pair have been hit by some worrying events at home

Strictly Come Dancing's Zara McDermott

Strictly Come Dancing’s Zara McDermott
 (Image: Zara McDermott Instagram)

Strictly Come Dancing star Zara McDermott said her heart was ‘breaking’ as she shared she and Sam Thompson were having a worrying time. The former Love Island star is currently promoting her next BBC Three documentary as well as her first-ever clothing range being sold in Tesco.

While she’s busy working on her various projects, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here winner Sam Thompson is currently touring the country with his best mate and co-star Pete Wicks with their podcast show, Staying Relevant.

But the pair have been hit by some worrying events at home with their beloved pet cats Albus and Cedric, named after Sam’s favourite Harry Potter characters.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Zara shared a picture of one of the ragdoll cats who was in a carry cage with one if its legs bandaged up. “My heart is breaking into a million pieces at the moment,” the reality star-turned-presenter started to type to her followers.

She explained: “Just before the weekend while I was away working, Sam woke up to our little man unresponsive and super hot. So he was rushed to the vet and then he was rushed to an emergency animal hospital. We hope it was just a stomach infection and it was getting better as they found his white blood cells were very low and had inflamed stomach/intestines/lymph nodes when scanned.”

“But after three days just as we hoped he’s turned a corner, he’s very anaemic and jaundiced with a heart murmur.” Zara shared how he was taken to another animal hospital, with Sam rushing between his tour dates to the veterinary hospital, and asked her fans to ‘say a little prayer’ for her four-legged friend.

Zara was heartbroken over her cat’s ill health

In another post, Zara shared a picture of her cat when he was well and said: “My hear is breaking at the thought of him being on his own in a little cage not understanding what’s going on and why we’ve left him [crying emoj]. I know people may think I’m being dramatic and think ‘he’s only a cat’, but honestly, I love them so much.”

She added: “They are everything to us, they are our children!! [face holding back tears emoji]. I hope these specialist are able to get to the bottom of it all.”

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