BBC Sport presenter Emma Louise Jones hilariously destroys creepy fan who sent her lewd message

BBC Sport host Emma Louise Jones has called out a fan who sent her a rude message on social media, and then followed it up by ruthlessly mocking them.

It’s not new for the popular host, 33, who often posts the weird and very rude messages she gets online. The Leeds United fan did it again Friday after getting a creepy request from a fan.

On Wednesday Emma had received a lewd direct message on Instagram saying: “I just wanna grope your massive milkers”, and then 48 hours later the same insistent user added “please”. Drawing attention the hopeless request, Emma put this message on her Instagram story with a crying emoji and a laughing emoji.

Emma likes to make fun of her fans who send her messages. And even though she had stated her hope for a “less horny” 2024 from her 411,000 followers, they show no signs of slowing down.

Emma has hosted BBC Sport’s Match of the day X as well as worked across numerous other companies and on the radio. She likes to joke about her big boobs, once saying they’re so big she sometimes beeps her car horn with them, reports the Daily Star.

Emma Louise Jones' message     
Emma Louise Jones
          Emma shared the post on her Instagram             Emma can boast 411,000 followers

Talking about her funny car story on the Crunch and Roll podcast, Emma shared: “So, when I drove my little BMW 1 series, I am one of those people who like, kisses the steering wheel when they drive.

“But that meant when I got out, you know, everything was towards the steering wheel, so I would accidentally knock the horn with my, erm, breasts. And it used to scare the s**t out of me!”

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