Angel Reese Relates to Taylor Swift, Fighting a Legal Battle for Privacy vs College Student

Angel Reese has a huge fan following on Instagram, and her posts garner the attention of millions. Athletes like her often deal with issues of privacy, and they are living under constant scrutiny. In a recent incident involving Taylor Swift and her actions dealing with privacy, Angel Reese puts herself in the shoes to explain it.

Her two-week absences from the LSU team serve as a great example of how people were nosy about Angel Reese’s business, and multiple stories weaved around her career serve as a testament. The “Love Story” singer has dealt with public safety as the LSU star adheres to it.

Taylor Swift’s swift action

The college student from Florida, who has been closely monitoring the private jets of celebrities and prominent figures, is now facing the potential threat of legal action from the lawyers representing the ‘Love Story’ singer. According to an article in The Guardian, Jack Sweeney, a student at the University of Central Florida, has been managing multiple social media profiles that monitor the usage of private jets by celebrities, including Taylor Swift. Recently, Sweeney reportedly received a cease-and-desist letter from Swift’s legal team.

Forbes on Instagram has posted the issue in detail, as Angel Reese reposted it in her story, writing, “The amount of time this has happened to me is ridiculous.” Being a star player with her fandom has been a great intruder on Rees’s privacy, as can be derived from her statement. The LSU Tigers had registered a blowout victory against the Florida Gators with a massive score of 106-66. Reese has garnered an impressive stat of 14 points and 10 rebounds, as her teammate Hailey van Lith has scored 21 points, making a loud shout for their championship run.

Angel Reese and co-throttle Florida

Coming off a shocking loss on the road with unranked Mississippi, Angel Reese’s LSU Tigers bashed the Florida Gators with a much-needed victory. Kim Mulkey was most disappointed as the defending champions broke their momentum with a back-to-back defeat of 106-66. With a Florida victory, the Tigers regained their momentum.

It was one of the most comprehensive victories of the LSU Tigers in the Eastern Conference and the first ever in their history. Hailey Vanlith had her season high of 21 points, while Angel Reese assisted her with 14 points. Flau Johnson and Aneesah Morrow also had a great offensive start, contributing to their success.


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