5 reasons why Caitlin Clark BF Connor McCaffery is the ultimate green flag bearer for the Iowa star. The third thing, only he can think of

5 reasons why Caitlin Clark BF Connor McCaffery is the ultimate green flag guy for the Iowa star

Caitlin Clark and her boyfriend, Connor McCaffery

Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark has become the face of women’s college basketball with her extraordinary scoring feats over the years, bringing much scrutiny into her personal life.

One aspect of her life that she has never hidden is her long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Connor McCaffery.

The couple has occasionally set major couple goals, and here’s a look at five instances they did this in the past.

#5, Matching shoes

When Caitlin Clark landed back stateside after a three-week offseason tour with the Iowa Hawkeyes in Italy and Croatia, she spent some quality time with her boyfriend.

McCaffery shared an Instagram post of the adorable couple with matching shoes to melt fans’ hearts with the caption:

“Twin 🤞🏻 @caitlinclark22. Thx for the shoes 🖤”

#4, McCaffery supported Clark

Connor McCaffery recently showed his support for his girlfriend who had just scored 29 points in a 103-69 win against Rutgers on Friday.

“ELITE. 🖤 @caitlinclark22,” he wrote.

#3, McCaffery bewildered by opponents leaving Clark open

Earlier in the season when Iowa played Drake, McCaffery was left stupefied when a Drake player did not guard Caitlin Clark, and he showed his shock on social media.

“Imagine leaving her when she has the ball 😂,” he wrote.

#2. McCaffery shares picture of the couple dressed up

Connor McCaffery shared a picture on his Instagram account of the couple all dressed up with the caption:

” one of one 🤍 .”

#1, The couple shares cute lake pics

Caitlin Clark shared a picture of the couple looking cozy on a boat in the lake that made fans term their romance “Love and Basketball” with the caption:

“Best end to summer🖤 .”

How Caitlin Clark deals with pressure

Caitlin Clark is no stranger to the media circus that comes with being the reigning National Player of the Year and winning numerous awards as her star continues to shine.

Clark knows how to deal with the pressure of being the country’s best women’s college basketball player and the increased scrutiny of her life, including both adulation and hate from the college basketball fraternity.

She spoke about how she handles both scenarios after recording another double-double in the second-ranked Hawkeyes’ 84-57 dominant win against the Indiana Hoosiers on Saturday.

“I think I just worry about being in this moment, enjoying this moment,” Clark said. “The people that I really care about, the people that I really love— they always have my back, even when I take off my basketball shoes, take off my uniform and I’m done playing one day. Those are the people that are really going to matter to me.

“But, yeah, that’s what kinda comes with it when you have the stardom. I think something that I try to live by is like all the love that you feel, the praise, that’s the level you’re gonna feel all the hate, too. So, you got to stay right in the middle.”

While she is having a stellar season averaging 30.9 points, 7.2 rebounds and 7.9 assists, she has shown that she has time for her relationships off the court, and at the forefront is her boyfriend, Connor McCaffery.

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