Travis Kelce’s actions that made Taylor Swift ‘blush’ were caught on camera

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce dropped a couple passes before making his first catch of the night on Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium in a win over the Miami Dolphins. Taylor Swift was relieved to see him gain a few yards and even blushed when the camera captured her reaction.

Taylor Swift đỏ mặt sau khi camera ghi lại phản ứng của cô với Travis...

Swift, 34, attended the NFL Wild Card contest, a 26-7 blowout in favor of Kansas City, alongside Brittany Mahomes, wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick, and Donna Kelce, Travis’ mother.

When Kelce made his catch early in the game, Swift was ecstatic, but then the popstar blushed and hid her face upon realizing she appeared on the big screen.

Swift was not shown on the jumbotron as much as in past games. When they did show her, however, the popstar’s suite looked like a ton of fun.

Travis Kelce didn’t score a TD

Kelce did not score a touchdown, but contributed to the victory with 71 receiving yards on seven catches.

Swift will probably make an appearance in the Divisional Round when the Chiefs take on their next opponent, which is yet to be set.

The popstar also made noise when she first arrived to Arrowhead Stadium due to her new Chiefs jacket created by a San Francisco 49ers WAG.

Why Travis Kelce refuses to wear warm clothing for cold NFL games

Kansas City’s equipment director Allen Wright revealed why the tight end faced the Dolphins with short sleeves on a record-breaking cold NFL night.

Travis Kelce endured the cold on Saturday night's NFL Wild Card game...

Travis Kelce endured the cold on Saturday night’s NFL Wild Card game against the Dolphins.LAPRESSE

Travis Kelce was one of just a handful of players at Arrowhead Stadium wearing their ususal short-sleeve attire during the -30 degree wind chills on Saturday night’s Wild Card round game against the Dolphins. Despite the Chiefs’ staff providing their players with emergency heat-preserving clothing, Kelce wanted none of it.

While the tight end accepted a coat over his shoulders on the sidelines (thankfully), there’s a reason as to why he decided not to layer up for one of the NFL’s coldest games on record.

Why Travis Kelce always plays without sleeves

Kansas City Chiefs longtime equipment director, Allen Wright, told People why that’s the case.

“Travis is a guy that doesn’t really change much on what he wears,” Wright said of Kelce. “He’s one that believes on staying warm on the sideline and then going out there for the 5, 6, 8 minutes, whatever an offensive drive is, then come back over and get warm when he comes off the field.”

He’s one that believes on staying warm on the sideline…

Chiefs equipment director

While Kelce didn’t use any of the long underwear, wetsuits and thermal socks offered by the franchise, he was able to enjoy other measures along with his teammates. Heated benches and infrared heaters were available all throughout the Chiefs sideline.

While it wasn’t far from it, the Dolphins at Chiefs game was not as cold as the NFL’s record 1967 NFL Championship between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys, which featured negative-13 degree weather, with a wind chill of negative -48.

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