“She’s been there before baseball” – When Mike Trout reflected on how his wife and family kept him grounded amid MLB stardom

“She’s been there before baseball” – When Mike Trout reflected on how his wife and family kept him grounded amid MLB stardom

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Announce Mike Trout Contract Extension

Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Mike Trout and his wife Jessica tied the knot on Dec. 9, 2017, and welcomed their son, Aaron Beckham Trout, on Jul. 30, 2020.

It was also the time when Trout was the best hitter in baseball, boasting three AL MVP honors. However, in an interview with MLB Network’s “30 Clubs in 30 Days,” he mentioned how his wife Jessica and family kept him grounded amid the palpable recognition.

Brian Kenny, who took the interview in Mar. 2018 at the Angels spring training camp, asked why young guys are getting married fairly young recently.

“She’s been there before baseball and through the whole journey,” Trout said. “You say we’re getting married young — I was with her for 11 years.”

Trout met Jessica in high school, and the couple is said to have had their first interaction in a Spanish class. Since then, they have enjoyed each other’s company.

Trout also added that his family helps him remain grounded despite his stardom.

“Yeah I think my parent always wanted me to stay grounded. My family members, it doesn’t matter, if I have a great day, my father, my brother, even my wife and my mom, they always sort of bring me down and always said to not get too c**ky. That’s why I love my family, they’re great people,” Trout added.

Stephen A. Smith calls out Mike Trout for staying ‘loyal’ to the Angels

Following the 2023 season, it was expected that Mike Trout would be traded, as the Angels were not looking competitive.

However, in February, the Angels star squashed the trade rumor, saying that he wants to stay with the Angels and win a championship.

However, it didn’t sit well with prominent ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, who wondered why Trout wanted to stay with a losing team.


“I don’t believe him. I believe he said that, Doggy (talking to ‘Mad Dog’ Russo), because, have you ever been to Anaheim? It’s beautiful. I mean, the stadium is beautiful, the city is beautiful, the weather is phenomenal. I mean, my God, that’s what he talking about,” Smith said in ESPN’s First Take.

“He don’t wanna leave, and I don’t blame him. But dammit, that’s the reason. It can’t be the team: Eight straight losing seasons, and you wanna stay there?”

As things stand, Mike Trout is committed to the Angels and their championship aspirations. So, it’s high time for the Angels to build a competitive team around him and give him a shot at the postseason.

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