Sensationalizing LeBron James Doping Plot Got Paul Pierce A New Job, Claims Ex-Star

Sensationalizing LeBron James Doping Plot Got Paul Pierce A New Job, Claims Ex-Star

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LeBron James’ close ally Gilbert Arenas fired shots at the Celtics legend Paul Pierce on his new job. The former NBA Champion recently filled the vacancy in the Undisputed show set.

After the exit of Shannon Sharpe, it was Pierce, who sat alongside Skip Bayless to host the show.

While it didn’t seem shocking for many, it indeed took Arenas by surprise. And, the former Wizards star went on to claim that Pierce got the job by talking trash about James.

Featuring the latest live stream of No Chill Gil, Arenas opened the stream with the Paul Pierce news.

He said, “I thought Undisputed got canceled. What’s going on? How did they keep their job?” After being shocked by the update, he immediately dropped the hammer on Pierce.

Arenas continued, “See, what happens y’all… All you have to do is say some crazy shit about Lebron James to get a job”

Arenas didn’t stop at that. He further went on to take a dig at Skip Bayless as well. The veteran analyst is also known for his comments against LeBron James in the past.

Speaking of the new duo, he said, “Why you will have Paul Pierce… they both gonna talk about the same person. That’s the only thing I don’t like about certain type of analysts. You can’t be like too biased. You gotta be fair.” 

While Arenas rained down on Pierce about his new job, the Boston Celtics legend has his very own portfolio as a strong analyst. The 46-year-old has opined many strong statements about the game through his podcast Ticket & The Truth alongside his former teammate, Kevin Garnett.

Moreover, the former Finals MVP has collected several accolades throughout his career to hold his job as an analyst.

Paul Pierce – LeBron James feud

This feud dates back to James’ rookie season. It all began with a disrespect, as per Kendrick Perkins, former teammate of Paul Pierce.

During a regular season game, Pierce reportedly reached out to the Cavs bench and spat at the players in which James was also seated, as reported by Bleacher Report.

Speaking of that moment, Perkins considered it as “The ultimate disrespect.”

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Since then, the duo have never talked to each other. Perkins even added that Pierce was carried away after the game to prevent the fight.

Moreover, after his career, he spoke a lot about the scoring champion as an ESPN analyst. To top it all, Pierce claimed that James won’t make it to the top 5 best players of the game.

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