Angel Reese debuts her new ‘gift’ at the Draft, shining above other players

She has had some work done

Reese with WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert

Reese with WNBA commissioner Cathy Engelbert

Angel Reese  was one of the major stars at Monday’s WNBA Draft and she showed off some new dental work that she has had done.

All the best young female basketball players descended on the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York to find out which WNBA team they will be playing for next season

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Angel Reese breaks down in tears while reflecting on her WNBA journey

One of the biggest stars in the NCAA Division I leading up to the draft was Reese with the LSU Tigers. Her rivalry with Iowa Hawkeyes’ Caitlin Clark made many headlines and led to far more interest than expected in the tournament.

Angel Reese’s new grill

The 21-year-old used the draft as an opportunity to show off a new part of her appearance, as she has a new sparkling grill. She posted a look at her new teeth on Instagram for her followers in the days leading up to the draft.

Earlier in April, she invited celebrity teeth jeweler Essence Martin to get fitted for a custom grill. She shared a video on Instagram of the interaction.

Reese is known for pushing the boundaries with fashion and trying new things to see what works, shown by her various hair colors and styles in recent years.

Her focus is certainly not just on her appearance, though, as Reese has been training with the same coach as San Antonio Spurs star Victor Wenbanyama.

She has shared videos of her training with Tim Martin, one being captioned: “Working! knocking down NBA 3s consistently (the NBA Line on my court is a foot longer than the normal 3)”.

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