Whatever is done in the dark ! Shall come to light! Katt Williams EXPOSES Diddy’s Industry ACCOMPLICES – Katt Has RECEIPTS

Katt Williams EXPOSES Diddy’s Industry ACCOMPLICES | Katt Has RECEIPTS

Girl, as cliché as this is starting to sound, you just gotta appreciate how ironic it is that Katt Williams has been right about Diddy being a creep all along.

And now, Katt is bringing more receipts to show this Diddy P runs much deeper than y’all think it does.

Since Diddy’s homes got raided last week, so many things have resurfaced, showing how Diddy has been about this life for decades, and he has not been in it alone.

Allegedly, Diddy has many accomplices in the industry, and these aren’t even nobodies – these are important figures, Hollywood royalty.

Katt Williams: Priceless': TV Review

Katt has made it his mission to expose Diddy and his cabal, and he has not wasted time in bringing some new evidence into the mix.

Allegedly, Diddy’s so-called accomplices are the reason why he’s in this mess, and they’re not going to stop until Diddy goes down.

Diddy is sued for rape by a THIRD woman who claims he also choked her over  fears that his then-girlfriend would find out | Daily Mail Online

So, who did Katt expose as Diddy’s industry accomplice?

And are they really why Diddy is caught up in this battle? Let’s break it down.



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