Well they are surrounded – Tina Knowles Angrily VOWS Jay-Z Will Suffer After He Disgrace Beyonce By Having an Affair With Diddy

In a shocking and emotionally charged revelation, Tina Knowles, mother to global icon Beyoncé, has reportedly expressed her fury over Jay-Z’s alleged affair with Diddy.

Beyonce's mum Tina Knowles savagely calls her out on TV | news.com.au —  Australia's leading news site

The unexpected twist in the narrative has thrust the Knowles-Carter family dynamics into the spotlight, prompting discussions about familial loyalty, consequences, and the intersection of personal relationships with the harsh glare of fame.


“Me and him laughed. He said, ‘You wanted to go and get locked up during the biggest moment. I was laughing. It was hilarious,” Mike continued.

As for his arrest, the Hip-hop icon didn’t share additional details about the incident but declared that any attempt to destroy his image was futile.

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There have been various conspiracies about Mike’s run-in with the cops, but these theories meant nothing to the rapper, who noted several Black icons had been through similar experiences. He said:

“It didn’t work against Martin [Luther King Jr.], it didn’t work against Malcolm [X], didn’t work against Mandela. Didn’t work against Method. Whatever the devil gives you … God, if you stay in tune, man. He’ll multiply the good over the bad.”

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Still, on a positive note, Mike expressed gratitude for the incident, saying: “I’m thankful for the Grammys, I’m thankful for the b——–. B——– is the best fertilizer on the farm.

I got a chance to sit by myself for three hours and thank God and invoke praise and be grateful for the things that I received.”

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