“This Version Of Tyson Was Probably The Scariest”: 21 Years After, Mike Tyson’s Infamous Rant at Journalist Still Remains Topic Of Discussion Among Fans

Mike Tyson is no stranger to controversies. The boxer has had some of the most extreme rivalries in the history of boxing. However, fighters were not the only people he riled up.

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The audience, the press, TV channels, everyone seemed to portray him as the big bad man of the scene.

Holding up to his reputation back then, in 2002, Tyson was set to fight Lennox Lewis. In the press conference, leading up to the fight, Tyson tried to break out into a brawl with Lewis.

While the brawl did not take a serious form, Tyson ended up getting agitated by a journalist. In a recent post made on X, fans reacted to this throwback event and provided their opinions.

The Mike Tyson-Lennox Lewis fiasco

Shortly after the introduction of the heavyweight champion, ‘Iron Mike’ made his way toward Lewis.

Tyson’s approach seemed deliberate, creating the appearance of an attempt to reach the champion, yet allowing people around him to intervene. Despite efforts, chaos ensued.

A member of Lewis’ entourage, possibly a bodyguard, placed a hand on Tyson, seemingly to restrain him.

In response, Tyson swiped at the bodyguard’s hand. Lewis retaliated with a right, sparking the now-notorious brawl.

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In the clip that Michael Benson posted, one can see this taking place.

However, what is also added is the obscene and brutal words that Tyson hurled at a journalist attending the event.

Tyson yelled “You can’t touch me, you not man enough” along with some more verbal abuse. What do today’s boxing fans think of the extent to which Tyson took the pre-fight hype?

Tyson continues to catch fans’ attention

In the video, someone can be heard yelling, “Get him a straitjacket.” which is a jacket used to tie the hands of prisoners.

The comment was directly attributed to Tyson when he was just out of prison, and this seemed to agitate him. Tyson went on to call the journalist multiple slurs and called him a coward.

One fan showed his dislike for Tyson and said, “Most overrated boxer ever”

Another fan emphasized how the times have changed saying, “This is iconic, boxing have gone soft nowadays”

Another fan looked at it in a different way saying, “Most absurd banter ever”

“This version of Tyson was probably the scariest,” quipped another fan.

This version of Tyson was probably the scariest

— NicWil90 (@Nicwil90) December 28, 2023

One more user commented, “Imagine being in a prison cell with Mike Tyson at his peak, I think you’d die of fright or a lack of sleep.” 

While the rant does not feel like banter for Tyson, it seems different fans looked at the situation differently.

Tyson constantly garnered attention for his unusual and extreme actions. His fame does not just come from his performance in the ring but also his antics outside of it.

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